Alberto Auricchio Owner Gennaro Auricchio S.p.A.

The choice of changing the image of our products of free service derives from the fact that the context of the category has changed a lot during the past few years, and we felt the need to reposition [...]

Diego Romanini CEO of Paluani S.p.A.

I landed in Paluani in an historical and important moment for a Company, that after almost 100 years of history was searching a clear and coherent positioning to transmit over the market [...]

Gianluca CazzuloGeneral Manager Melegatti S.p.A.

We have suggested and required to Packaging in Italy to develop the brand identity of Melegatti, with the aim of transmit the sense of tradition and simplicity on all lines of bakery products: from cakes to Pandoro [...]

Claudio LeporatiMarketing Manager Consortium of Parma Ham

As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Consortium of Parma Ham, we have decided to realize a product with “a very long aging”; we had the need to communicate our history and the uniqueness of our product [...]

Mister Lai'sCEO Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical
[ Chinese Packaging Positioning ]

It is precisely because of the professionalism of the members of the Italian Packaging Company project team, who ensured that each detail of the product has been optimized to meet the demand of the market, that the series of products have successfully landed, which provides a solid foundation for the products to seize market share. [...]

Sebastiano Grandi Professor - University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Michele Bondani has been able to tell students of the Faculty of Marketing at the University Cattolica of Piacenza the principles and the “secrets” which represent the roots of a successful packaging [...]

Doadi SesenaGeneral Manager Walcor

Our company, which has been working in the chocolate production for 60 years and has already been leader in the market sector of Easter eggs, had the need to become a brand in the sector of Easter eggs. [...]

Luca LazzaroniOwner Paolo Lazzaroni & Figli S.p.A.

The image of our company has always been deeply connected to history and tradition. Our products, which are globally recognized for their quality and authenticity, have to “dress” in order to reflect this particular reality [...]

Francesco LuiseOwner Fabian S.r.l.

I chose Packaging in Italy so that I could rethink the image of my products from the beginning. Now that the work is done, I just have to consider their work as a crucial contribution [...]

Annamatilde Baiano e Corrado Di RomanoFounders CiboCrudo S.r.l.

We should write a book, not a testimony on the work we have carried out to realize the complete renewal of packaging of CiboCrudo (Raw Food), because it was not just one product, but tens of categories and hundreds of products. [...]

Davide AlbaneseOwner of AC Caffè

As a businessman, I have always developed my business with the awareness that only a clear strategy of marketing would have saved my products from the competition and price. [...]

Claudio MocelliniOwner Italsandwich

We have been present with our products in Sweden for a long time, but we had the need to be appreciated in a different way. This is the reason why we addressed to a specialized packaging agency like Packaging in Italy [...]

Pierfrancesco PiccioniOwner Borgonovo S.p.A.

For a long time, we have been thinking that, for a product like the one we make, the wrapping, the so called “packaging” represents the 50% of the product itself. As it is mainly a shelf product, only a suitable packaging can [...]

Renato CartapaniOwner Caffè Cartapani S.p.A.

Getting into the market of coffee capsules has been an important decision for us. In order to get results in such a competitive sector, we had to work with a great precision, and only an agency specialized in making packaging [...]

Pietro ContiOwner Italtrade s.r.l.

The product sector in which we work, forces us to work towards functional solutions that are able to generate sales in a very short period of time, standing out from competition (nowadays stronger than ever before) [...]

Gianpaolo GhilardottiOwner Foodlab srl

Our need was to increase the presence of the GDO with our labelled products on shelves. We therefore addressed to Packaging in Italy, an agency specialized in the development of a packaging headed towards the increase of sales. Results fully satisfied our expectations [...]

Cesare CrostiOwner Almar Drink & Food

For more than 50 years, our objective has been offering the best hot and cold preparations for bars, restaurants and hotels, in Italy and abroad. ​We wanted to offer our top range product, the preparation [...]

Stefano SardelliOwner Premiata Panetteria Italiana

 The choice of addressing to Packaging in Italy was not casual, but the result of a thorough research throughout Europe. Offering my product on the Spanish market in a suitable way was vital for me [...]

Filippo InnocentiOwner Iota s.r.l.

 I desired to make a product that, starting from a great classic of the Italian tradition, could be closer to the places and moments of consumption of the European “young adults”. I desired a product that could be mainly destined [...]

Silvio CartaOwner Artinpasta di Silvio Carta & C. s.n.c.

For my production of traditional organic pasta of the Sardinia Region, made of ancient wheat, I needed to communicate clearly the differentiating features of my products. This is the reason why I addressed to Packaging in Italy [...]

Mariangela NicolettiCEO Vito Elisa Bakery

For more than 30 years, the Vito Elisa bakery has been respecting and supporting the innovation for the agro-alimentary traditions of the territory. It is a company project headed towards the supply of a handcrafted quality product [...]

Salvatore CiliaOwner Nero Toner

I addressed to Packaging in Italy because, compared to others, are not only creative people but they base their work on the brand positioning. We were not interested in having a mere “nice box” and a “nice” logo to see, but an all in one [...]

Marisa OrlandiniOwner Marisa Orlandini's Farm

We are a small organic farm that produces pasta using ancient wheats cultivated by us. So far, we have focused our attention mainly on the quality of the product, more than on the packaging and the way of presenting it [...]

Graziano MulaOwner Mula Graziano's Bakery

The contribution of Packaging in Italy was fundamental and allowed our products being present on the market in a competitive and functional way headed towards sales. In particular, the intervention supplied an important contribution on 3 strategic aspects [...]

Paolo CazzuloOwner I Dolci del Moro s.n.c.

We are a Piedmont company focused on the quality of the product; we felt the need of a clear marketing strategy to tackle a static market. I made a personal online research and in the end I chose [...]

Remo TavellaOwner Tavella's Ancient Bakery

For more than eighty years, we have been producing bakery products according to handmade methods, passed down from generation to generation. As business man, I wanted to identify my company in a different way on the market [...]

Filippo BenvenutoCEO of the HDI Group

My name is Filippo Benvenuto and I am CEO of the HDI Group, an important player of the chocolate sector. My Group recently repositioned itself on the market, through important operations [...]