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Riccardo Bonvicini

Sales Director Roberto Industria Alimentare

The packaging in the history of Roberto, which turns 60 in 2022, played a crucial role. An important Brand Image and Brand Awareness in the world of bakery products created by the spread of packaging in the whole Italy and more than 30 countries abroad.
The packaging and the product are the tools with which has been engaged the relationship with the customers.

However in the middle of 2020, during the pandemic, we started a strategic reflection on the brand which brought the company to the conclusion that we would have had to give Roberto a coherent packaging image to the intrinsic strength and the development of the role in the target market.

We relied to Packaging in Italy in this path, because we agreed with the strategy and the necessity to propose a leader solution packaging, as Roberto deserved: evergreen, with few elements, of great chromatically impact on the shelves.

The competitive analysis has been illuminating together with the recovery of the historical packs with the goal to make a choice that had the DNA of the brand but that it would make us jump forward.
The first job was the logo that has been updated, simplified, enlarged and made even ideally immortal.

Subsequently it has been made an evident family line while maintaining product differentiation.
Nowadays on the shelves Roberto will be perceived as a leader who is present in different segment markets, sincere and close to people.


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