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About us

The "Packaging In Italy"

Packaging in Italy is the Italian agency which is specialized exclusively in the development of the Packaging for Sales.

We are the creators of the Packaging Positioning™ and the Packaging of Genetic Profit™, the only system which place your product in the end user’s mind, stimulating an immediate and long-lasting purchase thanks to the Packaging.

Unlike many agencies which offer generic marketing and communication services, we only deal with the design of the Packaging of the product, and we start working from its specific characteristics, identifying its differentiating uniqueness, highlighting them and making them immediately clear to the end user. To all of this, we add a detailed analysis headed to the target of potential end users and their specific habits of purchase, in order to give you a fair Packaging that can place your product as the First One of its category.

The final result is a certain increase in the sales of your product, obtained through a scientifically researched packaging in order to mark your product out from the competition and therefore generate constant and continuous profits.

Do you want to make your product attractive to consumers and become the First One or the Only One to be purchased? Therefore you just have to present it on the market by using the Packaging Positioning™ method, a sales development.

We develop
effective communication
to create a
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About us

How we work for you

Our work is organized in order to get, increase and expand exponentially the sales of your product. We work with you from the very first meeting with you, until the complete realization of the Packaging; this Packaging alone will make you generating profits automatically.

Thanks to our team of accounts, graphic designers and art directors, we assess and face every single step – from the initial study to the final design – on the basis of a precise and recurring question: In which way will this choice allow your product to be sold once on a shelf?

We answer this question with a precise strategy of creation of the Packaging that will allow your company increasing turnover and profits.

In Packaging in Italy we believe that a winning project is always the result of an excellent sharing of ideas together with all key members of the company; for this reason, we have learned to work in close contact with business men and marketing directors like you. Knowing your market, your products, your production processes is essential for us. Thanks to it, we work for the success of your product and Brand, with a constant growth of your business.

Do you want to learn more and find out now what can we do to create a sales-functional product and therefore increase your turnover?

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About us

When you ask for our consultation

Remember that we do not offer a standard and identical service for all our clients. Our approach to Packaging requires that you should call some choices regarding the marketing of the product into question (if needed).
The packaging as element of direct marketing in the store would not be possible if it was not perfectly integrated with company choices.
We have organized the entire work of our agency in order to captivate your attention and rethink with you about the strategic choices in terms of final results.
Only in that way we are able to get the most efficient ones for your company: arrange your product, defeat the competition and increase your sales.

Creativity is never our starting point

For Packaging in Italy, the use of creative instruments is always an end point, not a starting point. For this reason, we get to the design step only after an accurate analysis of precise strategic parameters. At that point, we use creativity, making it available for the message that we have shaped scientifically during the design step.

We always work for you:

  • We study your reference market in details.
  • We carry out a detailed analysis of the competition.
  • We shape your target client.
  • We carry out a solution which is able to transmit your message in a distinctive way.

« That is what we do daily for companies like yours, which do NOT only want to “wrap” their product, but they want to get great sales out of the message transmitted through the Packaging. »

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