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Certified Packaging


The Packaging Positioning® is the extension of Brand Positioning and Packaging Design on the package, a marketing system which is dedicated to the development of the Packaging towards the sales. It is the only system which is recognized and certified by Trout&Partners.

It is a complex system, for this reason it must be protected

The system of Packaging Positioning® is based on the mixed techniques of Brand Positioning and Packaging Design. The main techniques are two: the first one is the activity played by every single graphic designer, while the second one – more theoretical – is strictly communicative. These techniques include several skills and knowledge of the market internal and external of the agency, from copywriting and visual skills to tactile skills to ennoble and represent at the best the product, and of structural design. The system of Packaging Positioning® is based on all these techniques which are combined with brand positioning and packaging design and to a very deep research which is aimed to investigate the perception of every single product in its segment market.

These techniques are mixed among them with the practice and theory of the sale of the product: it is a collection of very complex knowledge, developed by professionals who are qualified about packaging positioning and brand design. Only these few professionals can develop a kind of service of quality to get to the final result of Packaging Positioning® which can and it has to be certified.

We don't protect it for us, we protect it for our clients

We know that it is not replicable and reproducible. If you haven’t studied brand positioning, if you narrate it without having really done it, if you are not part of Trout & Partners, if you don’t have in your mind the whole process of Packaging Positioning® because you have studied it but you miss the system, you can’t say you are able to do the Packaging Positioning®.

Our certification needs to safeguard our client from theoretical counterfeits, impostors and scammers who pretend to know the method and the scientific process to develop the Packaging Positioning®. This is the only technique which is certified and guarantees the purchase of a packaging born to raise the volumes and values of the products. This technique increases the perception and the marginality of the products on the market. For this reason we decided to protect our clients or hypothetical clients.

Why certifying the Packaging Positioning®?

There are several reasons to certify your project of packaging design and brand positioning, but I am just going to tell you one of them. Do you know who has baptized the Packaging Positioning®? He was Jack Trout, the father of Brand Positioning. Jack was the witness of Packaging Positioning® and he defined it as the only extension of positioning towards the packaging.
Furthermore there are several reasons to protect our method. As all valuables things which are famous and work, it can be replicated causing irreparable damages to the market and the customers themselves.

In the last years have born several fake-agencies and consequently it became indispensable to have a certificate of Packaging Positioning®, a numbered certificate which attests the quality of the service, as the only one system towards the sales of the product. Beware of fakes and imitations.

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