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Brand Positioning


Packaging in Italy is an agency of packaging design and brand positioning which guides you in the realization of a winning strategy: entrusting yourself to our experience and to the team who is extremely qualified, your product will distinguished and chosen among the other ones on the shelves.

Brand positioning and packaging design

The brand positioning is a process which leads to the identification of the unique and valuable positioning of a product which defines the characteristics which can affect in a meaningful way on the behavior of the consumer. The goal of a great brand positioning strategy is defining the position that the product occupies in the mind of the consumers with the purpose to prevail on the one of the competitors and increasing the sales comparing to the other players on the market.

The brand positioning is the result of an accurate analysis of the market and the competitors in the same category and it allows to identify all the marketing elements which let you sustain and increase the sales. Furthermore the aesthetic presentation of a product has a crucial role: this is able to affect in a particular way the process of purchase of the consumers.

Particularly, the presence of a project of a packaging design in line with the coordinate image and the values of the brand permits to express at the best the potential of the product on the market.

Brand Positioning
Brand Positioning

The advantages of the brand positioning

A personalized strategy of brand positioning allows not only to express the current positioning of a product in commerce or a product that has to be launched on the market, but also its repositioning.
Although the brand positioning is fundamental in all of these circumstances, in the last one is crucial. Indeed the repositioning of a product on the market has the goal to modify the previous perception of the consumer.

The advantages of the brand positioning which express themselves through a project of packaging design let the companies enjoy some advantages like:

  • communicating in the iconic way your own product through a packaging which reflects the unique characteristics on the market
  • leading the consumer to choose a specific product rather than the other one on the shelves thanks to elements which catch the attention of the consumer in a positive way
  • modifying over time the image of the product thanks to a strategy of packaging design which intercepts the needs of the customer.

Using a strategy of brand positioning let to your brand to be chosen on the shelves among other ones: this is the reason for which you can trust in Packaging in Italy, agency leader in the sector of the packaging design and the brand positioning, which will lead you to the success and the exponential growth of the sales.

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