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Packaging Positioning®


The process of Packaging Positioning® is based on the rules of Brand Positioning and Packaging Design, on the knowledge and the science of marketing: it is the only technique of Packaging Design recognized by Trout & Partners for the development of the packaging.

The Packaging Positioning® is a marketing system whose purpose is the development of the packaging with the goal to find a differentiation in the product in every single market category and compared to the other competitors on the market.
Once we have identified the differentiating elements this technique uses all its abilities to transmit these characteristics to the packaging, the same which will have to represent all the choices and the discoveries done in the previous phase, developed by sector’s experts, which is called analysis.

This method allows to communicate all the technical and strategic characteristics starting from the packaging to persuade the consumer to purchase and to win the battle of the shelf rather then the competitors in every single category.

The packaging developed by Packaging Positioning® communicates with verbal and non-verbal messages towards the consumer all the characteristics that you need to sell better and more the product, once the Packaging Positioning® reaches the consumer on the shelf the consumer will buy the product thanks to the communication and the technique of sale of the packaging, without a commercial figure or a promoter.
The Packaging Positioning® obviously helps and facilitates the sale of the product to the buyers of large retailers.

The system has got clear and precise characteristics: its development is not based on the subjectivity of the graphic agency and even not on a briefing thought without scientific bases or subjective evaluations of a marketing office. Its development is based on the certainties and single evaluations that are on the market.

The Packaging Positioning® is born to solve the problems of sale to the entrepreneurs: base itself on the analysis which is shared between the agency and the company and that anticipates the graphic development of the product, it uses the know-how of the Brand Positioning to go out from the prices competition.
The result is having more volumes of sale and a consequent increase of marginality on every single product.

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