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The request for consultancy or an online opinion is a tool that our agency uses and provides for, through which the requester makes a question. However, our agency has the right to accept written requests or video-consultancies received and, in that case, we will send an email with the explanations in case of negative choice.

Furthermore, making quotes of online packaging design is never an useful thing; often those who receive them find an offer with no explanations, and those who send them, instead, often lose time without finding a real interest after the initial request.

It happens that, after the transmission of the offer, the client is often disoriented, and neither knows if he/she has received the document. Inexplicably, that strong interest of the beginning disappears.


There are 3 main reasons:

1) The quote led a competitor to lower the price.
2) Pure curiosity to know the quotation
3) Industrial spying

Without taking into account the third case, in the first two cases there has definitely not been a correct perception by those who have received the offer. If this were not the case, we would have moved on with the development of the project or with an answer to the offer.

This is the reason why we invite you to fill precisely these few information that you will find in the form. You will help us to better understand your situation and, as a consequence, we will be able to make a suitable offer for your needs. Then, one of our representatives will contact you without any commitment.

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