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Marco Cabrini

General Manager Opificio Emiliano

After several years of experience in multinationals, in professional cosmetics sector, I decided to undertake this big project with the precise idea to develop something different, unique, not just with the aim to be able to please ourselves for having a brilliant idea, but to win a complex challenge that is to allow to our customers to distinguish themselves in a market as cosmetics, which is crowded, full and fragmented, where there is a wide range of proposals and it is highly competitive and innovating making recognizable alternatives is difficult.

Since the beginning I was aware I had to identify a partner who could develop a new positioning. After an accurate activity of scouting (…also after an attempt with another agency which didn’t satisfy us) we found in Packaging in Italy the right reality that was able to lead the project we had made to attack our market.

With Packaging in Italy we faced and make us drive about themes like positioning which immediately convinced myself and all the team who was working at this project.
As I said previously the challenge wasn’t easy but we won it: we made the real alternative which we had in our mind for us, for our customers and for end-users.
I recommend to any manager or entrepreneur who wants to be winning on the market to take advantage of Packaging in Italy’s consulting.

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