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Marisa Orlandini

Owner Marisa Orlandini’s Farm

We are a small organic farm that produces pasta using ancient wheats cultivated by us.

So far, we have focused our attention mainly on the quality of the product, more than on the packaging and the way of presenting it.

Afterwards, we realized that, in order to give value to the peculiarities of our pasta, it was necessary to get assistance by a qualified operator for the creation of a suitable packaging.

Packaging in Italy is the agency that supplied us a consultancy for the creation of a new external “dress” for the presentation of our pasta.

We actually have to give value to the extreme professionality, courtesy and kindness that both the agency director and his collaborators demonstrated.

In particular, during discussions, our observations and proposals have always been taken into account, discussed and deepened.

We had the pleasant feeling that those who collaborate with us were captivated like one of us, directly interested in the positive result of the work.

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