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Pierluigi Perrone

Owner Biscottificio del Borgo

For a start up the beginning is crucial. The main aim of Biscottificio del Borgo was to start as a big company, with a complicated mission: making the traditional and artisanal products, in the confectionery sector, affordable to large scale retailer’s audience.

In Packaging in Italy we found a team that, first of all, has transmitted  to the ownership a great moral charge and, together, we have worked on a brand that could be cleared of territorial memories, but it could become attractive.

Nowdays, the brand “Frollotto”, starts to spread like wildfire in the south of Italy and try to expand itself to the north of the country and toward international markets.

The Brand Positioning has worked. Our company has found its dimension thanks to the support of the whole Packaging in Italy family.

We are sure that we will come back, on important occasions for our company, to work together again.

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