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Graziano Mula e Marisa Perna

Owner Mula Graziano’s Bakery

We are a small organic farm that produces pasta using ancient wheats cultivated by us.

The contribution of Packaging in Italy was fundamental and allowed our products being present on the market in a competitive and functional way headed towards sales.

In particular, the intervention supplied an important contribution on 3 strategic aspects of the product:

– The research of the naming;
– The development of the logo;
– The graphic and communicative aspect of packaging.

Making an intervention on 3 aspects allowed us communicating in a clear way our positioning and the differentiating elements of our product: the handmade identity and the provenience (100% Sardinian), by positioning our offer away from the one of competitors and therefore obtaining new market shares.

We therefore succeeded in communicating exactly the nature of our product, and this aspect started generating new sales at national and international level.

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