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Pietro Conti & Mia Conti

Owner Italtrade s.r.l.

The product sector in which we work, forces us to work towards functional solutions that are able to generate sales in a very short period of time, standing out from competition (nowadays stronger than ever before).

By addressing to Packaging in Italy, we have asked to answer to 2 very important needs for us: to stand out on a full market and have the ability to impress and convince the client in a short time.

The development of Re Regalo (King Gift) got straight to the point, offering us a solution which is able to highlight some of the main strengths in a recurrent product like Christmas gift books.

Moreover, the removable wrapping allowed us resolving several common problems among operators of our same sector which has never been resolved before by any competitor.

Packaging is everything for us; it is the “gift” box that our customers purchase. It is the only weapon we have in our hands in the few weeks previous to Christmas.

In this context, the concept created by Packaging in Italy represents an answer that is coherent with the reference market and, at the same time, is revolutionary as for the elements introduced.

Do you want to create a sales oriented packaging for your product thanks to our Packaging Positioning® method?