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Agostino Principato

Owner Mandorè

The goal of our company was to get in the market of the chocolate without entering in the battle of the prices caused by the offering of another me too product. We wanted a product which was perceived as new and which wasn’t in large retails yet, in a category as competitive as the one of the chocolate.

Packaging in Italy accepted the challenge and won it. This goal which was initially almost impossible for us, hasn’t been for the Packaging Positioning.

What has Packaging in Italy exactly done for us? They built the whole project from nothing, the new Brand Naming allowed us to get in a sub-category in the chocolate world. They defined the typology of product and how to launch it on the market; all this after an accurate market analysis.

In function of the Brand Positioning, it has been identified in addition to the new naming and the development of the logo also a payoff which is able to communicate effectively our diversity to the buyers and the consumers.

Finally it ended in expectations of Packaging Positioning and Brand Identity, all the job has been done with a marketing oriented approach, every choice has always been taken to sell the product from the packaging color, the lettering, the visual to the packaging structure.

The positive feedbacks by professionals arrived immediately. We presented for the first time the product at Cibus 2018, in few days we collected hundreds of potential customer contacts.

Packaging in Italy has nothing to do with the traditional approach of graphic studio and old agencies, it is the evolution of the marketing, developing brands and packaging in a concrete and scientific way with the goal to generate sales.

From my personal experience, surely about the sweet food, I recommend to all people who want to obtain tangible results to contact Packaging in Italy and taking advantage by Packaging Positioning.

Do you want to create a sales oriented packaging for your product thanks to our Packaging Positioning® method?