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Diego Romanini

CEO of Paluani S.p.A.

I landed in Paluani in an historical and important moment for a Company, that after almost 100 years of history was searching a clear and coherent positioning to transmit over the market.

During the last year we have worked a lot over all the marketing aspects, the re-definition of the packaging of our iconic products has been a crucial tile of the puzzle we are assembling up.

We proposed to Packaging in Italy a serious challenge: remake the packaging of our core products, the Pandoro and the Classic Panettone. We started from these two masters to reach the positioning of our brand and establish through a new packaging a clear and differentiating positioning.

Packaging in Italy understood perfectly our briefing, giving back to us a proposal able to communicate in a clear and modern way the values of our brand, giving it the right positioning.

As witness of that, we have the figures of the Christmas campaign 2016, figures that have certainly certified the work done. Paluani has gained the 1,3% of market quote with a growth in numbers of about the +40% on both Pandoro and Classic Panettone segments.

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