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Mariangela Nicoletti

CEO Vito Elisa Bakery

For more than 30 years, the Vito Elisa bakery has been respecting and supporting the innovation for the agro-alimentary traditions of the territory.

It is a company project headed towards the supply of a handcrafted quality product, thanks to a special selection of raw materials and through traditional production systems, standing out completely from the conventional mentality of industrial bread-making.

We are aware of the fact that, for the exportation and the achievement of new clients it is necessary to focus on a professional and efficient communication, which could clearly explain the history, the characteristics of the product and of its territory, (the web itself is not enough); moreover, in order to be more competitive and differentiating, it is necessary to work on the strategic repositioning of the brand; we therefore decided to choose the “only guaranteed scientific formula” that allows the product of a small, medium, big company being successful, that is to say:

Packaging in Italy – The Pack with the Italian Design!

It has been a team work yet from the beginning, a real every-day sharing and cooperation, a team of Packaging in Italy with an “unstoppable self-efficiency and agency-identity headed by the owner and founder: Michele Bondani”.

Working with Packaging in Italy has been gratifying from any point of view, and represented a pride as well; it is surely one of the best successful Italian agencies that do not fear the competition with other territories.

(The human reason and the creativity combined with the aware action shape a successful man.)

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