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Carmelo Basile

Owner Pecoritaly

I have personally done a deep research, to understand better who could solve the need of positioning ourselves as a brand in the pecorino’s category, everything finalized to a winning image on the shelf in large retailers: here I met and knew Packaging in Italy and since the beginning I understood the potential of Packaging Positioning.

Finally today we can say we have made a real brand in the category of pecorino. This thanks to the experience and professionalism of Packaging in Italy that allowed us to obtain a winning result in all its phases: from the research of the naming to the development of the logo passing through the institutional colors and the graphic design.

For this reason I recommend to managers and entrepreneurs who want to build a Brand Positioning and/or Packaging Positioning in their category to contact Packaging in Italy.

Do you want to create a sales oriented packaging for your product thanks to our Packaging Positioning® method?