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Mister Lai’s

CEO Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical

To Packaging in Italy agency:

First, we would like to express our sinvere gratitude to Michele and the project team for their contributions to the project!

Over the course of several months, the entire project team, including the head of the company, Trout ane key stakeholders of the Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Group, witnessed and participated in the project from bith to a successful launch.

Michele and his team made a dedicated trip from Italy to China to gain an in-depth understanding of the Group’s product offerings. From field investigation of varous raw material, to product development, to production, to marketing strategies, to evaluating consumer psychology on Chinese medicine.

Based on the above, combined with the characteristics of the product line and the target audience, the Italian design team overcame the cultural differences between China and the West and turned the difference into an advantage to develop a new packaging for the product series:

1. Color recognition system: using Tiffany blue and gold to blend trendy elements into herbal health tea, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people who live in a fast-paced environment;

2. The logo adopts the Chinese Panda as an element, which not only maps the attributes of the product, but also greatly enhances its identification and difference among competitors;

3. The packaging structure uses a simple box and a sophisticated bayonet. After repeated tests and adjustments, the package enables a better experience in packaging, transportation, storage and consumer satisfaction.

It is precisely because of the professionalism of the members of the Italian Packaging Company project team, who ensured that each detail of the product has been optimized to meet the demand of the market, that the series of products have successfully landed, which provides a solid foundation for the products to seize market share.

Here, we would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Italian Packaging Company, Trout & Partners and we look forward to working with the teams again in the future!

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