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Davide Albanese

Owner AC Caffè

As a businessman, I have always developed my business with the awareness that only a clear strategy of marketing would have saved my products from the competition and price.

I am a researcher thus I can finally say to have found exactly what I was looking for. All this was made possible by the valued support of Packaging in Italy; in this agency I found true professionals that identified with extreme clarity a unique positioning for my product, and converted it in a packaging accompanied by naming and magnet image.

It was not an easy step to do in the market sector of coffee, but the final result has given to the product an image able of communicating completely the mean of difference of Caffè Carichissimo.

This is the reason why I am fully satisfied; the feedbacks received by other insiders of international contexts have confirmed me that the direction taken is definitely the right one.

I have made any kind of advertisement for more than 6 years, I have personally visited more than 1400 cafés and to almost all of them I made them taste my blend, but only 3% of them have become new clients. They have never remembered the name of the blend.

Today, at the day of the presentation of Carichissimo.com, many of that 97% are calling me back to have the blend of Caffè Carichissimo in their cafés.

It seems like a dream, but now I sell more and with less effort!

Before getting to know about Packing in Italy, situations like that were just a dream!

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