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Tommaso Radice

Founder Germogliamo

“Frustration, a big frustration”

With these words I could have described my feeling of entrepreneur before the meeting with Packaging in Italy.
The consciousness to have a product with big potentiality but difficult to communicate, to be perceived and especially to be sold.

I have already met some “experts of marketing”, but how could their services help me? It wasn’t clear.

Then one day I was in a meeting with Packaging in Italy, and I heard about positioning like I had never done before, and suddenly everything was clear.
My product hasn’t got a clear positioning: naming, logo and packaging don’t converge themselves to a clear, unique and attractive identity: all I do and all my investments on communication are basically a blunt weapon.

I have been producing sprouts for 7 years, and I know how difficult it is to interpret this product, which is little and bad known.
I quickly got convinced about the necessity of a total reset, and I trusted in Packaging in Italy to develop from zero a new positioning expressed through the naming, the logo and the packaging.

I really appreciated the fruitful exchange of information, the way in which they carried out the work with extreme professionalism and competence. And especially the final result.
What I had in my hands at the end of the work makes me think for the first time: this could really become a brand.

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