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Silvio Carta

Owner Artinpasta di Silvio Carta & C. s.n.c.

For my production of traditional organic pasta of the Sardinia Region, made of ancient wheat, I needed to communicate clearly the differentiating features of my products.

This is the reason why I addressed to Packaging in Italy, as we needed a specialized agency in the packaging sector.

Packaging in Italy developed the positioning in a clear and precise way; the work they carried out gave me the chance to be present on the market with an identification naming and be able to transmit the historical importance of my products as well as their difference. All of this allowed me being present on the market with a precise brand called “Il Pastaio di Nuoro” (The Pasta-maker of Nuoro), which was created from zero by the same agency, and able to communicate precisely with buyers, restaurant owners and, of course, the end consumer.

With no doubts, also the work on the design of packaging definitely contributed to present my pasta with a dedicated packaging, which is able to strengthen my Corporate Identity.

Therefore, the result was excellent and produced an immediate increase in sales.

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