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Cesare Crosti

Owner Almar Drink & Food

For more than 50 years, our objective has been offering the best hot and cold preparations for bars, restaurants and hotels, in Italy and abroad.

​We wanted to offer our top range product, the preparation for hot chocolate, also in the GDO channel, a channel with important and very competitive players.

​The need to stand out from the competition convinced us to address to Packaging in Italy, an agency specialized in the development of packaging for sales.

Thanks to the Packaging Positioning ™ (development of new naming, pay-off, logo and packaging), we have been able to give an outstanding positioning of our product on the market.

Results soon became evident, and few weeks after the delivery of work, we found the first clients interested in our product, in Italy and abroad.

Do you want to create a sales oriented packaging for your product thanks to our Packaging Positioning® method?