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Annamatilde Baiano

Founder CiboCrudo srl

We should write a book, not a testimony on the work we have carried out to realize the complete renewal of packaging of CiboCrudo (Raw Food), because it was not just one product, but tens of categories and hundreds of products.

We have been greeted one day in the agency, and we can say that it has been love at first sight; they made us the right questions, they tried to understand what we wanted, and perhaps with provocation and willing to demonstrate that they were “strong”, they took a tough task, above all because we are not simply satisfied with the concept of “good”, but we just want the “best”, and I think they immediately understood this concept; anyway, during the long journey, I laugh when I think what they said once: “Why did we do that?” Well, here it is the answer to such a big commitment: a masterpiece of packaging!

While writing, there are packaging of some categories for which the end is now yet in sight, and others that are still in production, but we have already tested the result and it is what we wanted, not less.

We didn’t give up to those little problems that summed up along the way, we have pushed forward to go beyond, to demonstrate that even a small company, if it wants to be ambitious, it can do that and it must succeed in doing that, and without Packaging in Italy we couldn’t have reached such an extraordinary result.

We have put together design, functionality, respect for the environment, relatively low costs: a cocktail that only big masters can do.

Every detail, also in labelling, was not omitted; it was rather taken as it was the only work to do.

Our maniacal degree for perfection found a professional and trustworthy partner, and the world should get to know about it.

Obviously, our sincere thanks go to all the team, headed by a strong, determined and forward-looking business man, who brings Italy into the world where it is mostly appreciated: design. Thank you!

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