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Gianluca Cazzulo

General Manager Melegatti Spa

We have suggested and required to Packaging in Italy to develop the brand identity of Melegatti, with the aim of transmit the sense of tradition and simplicity on all lines of bakery products: from cakes to Pandoro and filled Panettoni;

The premise is that the real strength of the Melegatti brand is transmitted through the Pandoro, because Melegatti invented the name, the shape and the recipe of this sweet preparation which represents Christmas by definition.

The peculiarity of the pack of the Melegatti Pandoro and its excellent quality have contributed to develop the real strength of this brand, which has been exhibit on all lines with such evidences that remind the recognisability of the case of the Pandoro.

Therefore, Packaging in Italy has developed this brand identity which allows transmitting the real strength of the brand on all lines and on all products”.

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