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Claudio Leporati

Marketing Manager Consortium Of Parma Ham

As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Consortium of Parma Ham, we have decided to realize a product with “a very long aging”; we had the need to communicate our history and the uniqueness of our product; for this reason, we have decided to realize a Parma Ham with 30 months aging.

Our need was to transmit a differentiating packaging, in terms of package as well as inside the store; for this development we chose Packaging in Italy, and the result fulfilled our expectations.

The solution of differentiating the Parma Ham Anniversary Selection directly in the store by taking advantage of an extremely original cockade with a pressure needle on the ham has been an innovative and practical choice at the same time.

In this way, we succeeded in differentiating the product where it is generally exposed and tends to look like others. Other Consortium members who took part to the initiative were fully satisfied too.”

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