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Filippo Innocenti

Owner Iota s.r.l.

I desired to make a product that, starting from a great classic of the Italian tradition, could be closer to the places and moments of consumption of the European “young adults”. I desired a product that could be mainly destined to the dynamic and qualitatively advanced market of coffee shops.

Therefore, a project thought for abroad, with a very precise audience.

The main challenge was to drastically remove whatever Christmas feature, so that I could position the Panettoncino in the everyday bakery selection. Therefore, no more an excellent dessert in a coated box to purchase in December only, but an excellent dessert in an easier and lighter packaging, more suitable to communicate every day of the year.

We had to keep the authenticity, stimulating the curiosity of the Panettone lovers as well as of those who do not know the product (much more numerous absolutely, and much more than can be imagined).

We had to make that through the creation of a new, funny, unconventional image that could be unequivocally Italian.

Packaging in Italy has immediately understood well the objective, then it was able to analyse the competitive scenario and in the end it has developed the work with great creativity. All this has been carried out by listening to the client but also bringing the appropriate opposite argumentations on the stage.

The team of Packaging in Italy has always worked with a lot of passion for food, without which it could be hard to obtain the same results.

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