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Alberto Auricchio

Owner Gennaro Auricchio S.p.A.

The choice of changing the image of our products of free service derives from the fact that the context of the category has changed a lot during the past few years, and we felt the need to reposition our activity; this recovers those brand values that have always characterized the history of our company, and that nowadays we think is crucial to transmit.

The proposal that Packaging in Italy made to us has been able to interpret exactly our needs, identify real distinguished elements of our products (those features and peculiarities that made the Auricchio brand the leader in its sector) and take aesthetic choices that have perfectly placed our products line into present time, without removing almost 150 years of history of the Auricchio family.

If, on one hand, we actually had the need to adapt the image of our products to the end user of today, on the other one we could not afford that people could not comprehend the sense of Italian tradition and historical importance connected to the Auricchio brand.

Our need was also to underline the objective aspects that diversify us from our trackers, like the historical importance of our brand which was born in 1877, the cheese-making tradition of our family and the Italian identity of the company.

In this context, the new packaging proposed by Packaging in Italy has been able to comply with our initial requirement.

To get a high recognisability and a fair positioning on our brand market thanks to a simple packaging was our goal, and the team of Packaging in Italy worked right in this direction.

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