Why investing in the packaging of a product to win the battle on the shelves

“Results” is the goal that gathers enterprises of all kinds.

From micro family business to multinational enterprises, the aim is to put a “+” followed by a percentage in the financial statements at the end of the year.

Achieving these results is getting tougher: crisis, competition, increasingly aware consumers and faster changes make it more difficult to identify the strategy and most functional tools to promote and market business’ own products.

This is why marketing a product cannot be reduced to “do a bit of advertising.” It is a formula that has not been working for some time now: it is not producing the “+” on the financial statements.

Steering is not simple. The market is replete of theories rich in words and poor in results, which helps business owners and managers to get confused, making harder the marketing choice.

What’s going on in the world of communication and advertising?

It is a fact that the effectiveness of advertising has declined over the years. A drastic increase in publicity and information has led consumers to develop a natural filter for all messages he/she receives on a daily basis.

In essence, he “hears”, but does not “listen” to them. This is what makes less and less effective your advertising investment.

The filters and barriers that the consumer has developed naturally make the final choice of his purchase to occur primarily in the aisle: when he is in front of the product.

That’s where buying takes place – away from distractions and advertising.

That’s where packaging is of a more strategic importance than ever before.

Today, packaging is THE marketing of your product!


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What has always been an underestimated instrument, interpreted as a creative expression or logistics solution (to facilitate transport, storage and exposure), today packaging plays a key and fundamental role in the sales process.

Differentiating your product, emphasizing its features and instill confidence in the consumer are tasks delegated to the “box and primary packaging.”

Communicating those means to sell.

Not communicating those, or doing it the wrong way, is to condemn the product to remain unsold.

At the crucial moment of the buying decision, functional communication for sales is the only weapon that can save you from crisis, competition and changes.

Advertising, corporate communications and unconventional marketing (just to name a few tools) remain important, less efficient than before, but still important.

When they are associated with an anonymous packaging or, even worse, in contrast to the corporate message, they completely lose their value.

The last chain ring, the last thing the consumer sees before proceeding to the purchase, if overlooked, can compromise all the work done up to this point.

To understand how important a packaging is think of the resources that large and small businesses dedicate to visual merchandising.

This is a demonstration of the fact that the ideas the customer brings into the shop influence less and less his purchase. Instead, his choice will be determined by the perceptions we are able to create.

Where and how a product is displayed serves to give it the right visibility; what it communicates through the packaging serves to sell.

Delegating this task to advertising, neglecting a choice of functional packaging, means to ignore deliberately customer’s needs.

Representing the product in the eyes of the consumer is what we deal with on a daily basis, is what we specialize in and through this blog we share our vision and our experiences in the field – our case studies.

If you want to know how a functional packaging could help you and your business to differentiate your product on the shelves, and to make it the final buying choice of your client, please contact us, we will be happy to find the best solution.




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