The importance of the Payoff to get into the mind of the customers

What is meant for Payoff?

The Payoff is the sentence that positions itself or reinforce the positioning of the brand on the market. This is a fundamental element for the brand identity.

It has the task to communicate the personality, the style, the values and the tone of voice of the company. All this contained in a very few words.

Therefore the Payoff has the task to summarize in a simple sentence the essence of the company.

With the Logo and the Naming it is a fundamental element for the positioning and the brand identity.

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For Payoff is meant the verbal element that accompanying the Logo of a company.In advertising language it is used to indicate the verbal processing that summarizes the positioning of the company. Usually the Payoff is a short sentence that is placed below the Logo which emphasizes the communicating message, the identity and the values of the company. It allows the brand to be recognizable to the consumers.


Some famous examples of Payoff

The Payoff has got an institutional role for the brand. In some cases it helps indissolubly to associate the brand in the mind of the consumers in the long period.

Let’s see together some famous examples of Payoff

–       Nike: Just do it

–       Apple: Think different

–       Nokia: Connecting people

–       McDonald’s: I’m lovin’ it

–       Volkswagen: Das auto

–       Packaging in Italy: Design agency for packaging positioning®



A Payoff to remain immortal has to have the following characteristics:

  • Short: it has to be composed by few words, so that the message can be easily memorized by the consumer
  • Simple: it has to be simple to be easily understood
  • Mnemonic: it has to get and remain into the mind of the customers in the long period
  • Original: it has to be original, unique


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Do you know the difference between Claim and Payoff?

Most of the times Payoff and Claim are mixed with each other.

Actually the distinction between these two elements is clear and very simple.The Payoff is a sentence that blends with the Logo and accompanies the brand in all its expressions.The claim is the slogan of a single advertising campaign.

As just said above, the Payoff is the verbal element which communicates the essence of a brand to a corporate level. It is the promise that a brand makes to the consumer.

The Claim (or Slogan) is, instead, the message that highlights the peculiarities of the product or service, and it is usually used in advertising campaigns. It is the promise that a product or service makes to the consumer.

In a nutshell:

– Payoff: is dedicated to the brand-     

– Claim: is dedicated a single product or service


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