The Naming is the soul of your brand

Do you know the importance of the Naming for the sale of your products?

Many people, probably too many, haven’t understood the importance of the Naming for the sale of their products or services on the market yet.

Jack Trout, the father of the positioning and the modern marketing, defined the “Naming” as the “first engine for the growth of the revenue of a product or a service”.

As CEO of Packaging in Italy, and the only Italian partner of Trout & Partners, I perfectly agree with Jack’s theories, putting them in practice for my customers.

When they ask me to position a brand or a product on the market, to spread Jack’s theories, when I am called for a speech or a university testimony to explain the brand positioning, one of my biggest attentions to make a good positioning is the Naming.


What is meant for Naming?

The naming is the study of the choice of the products, services or companies’name.

It is a real study to give to your product or brand the right name to enter customer’s mind and possibly to evoke the market segment.

The customers, in fact, see your products through the packaging, but they associate mentally it to a word (the Naming of your product).

I have written and said it many times: making a naming nowadays is completely different than 40 or 50 years ago. At that time, in fact, there was less competition, internet didn’t exist, there was less registrations of brands and logos.


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Nowadays when you identify a name you have to start from the current situation (what already exists on the market) analyzing with big attention what the competitors have already done, what is available on the market and, only after that, you can start to reason on the construction of your Naming.

You have to transmit from the beginning something toward your positioning and reinforce that with the payoff. In this way the Naming of my agency was born: Packaging in Italy – Design Agency for Packaging Positioning®.




When the Naming is the synonymous of the market segment

How I said previously, is fundamental to attribute to the product or brand the right name to enter in the mind of the consumers, being remembered and possibly to evoke the segment market.

There are Naming of product that sometimes are synonymous of the segment market itself.

Some examples in Italy?

Scottex – Tissues

Post-it –   Semi-adhesives paper sheets

Jeep – Off-road cars

Google – Search engine

K-Way – Waterproof jacket

Scotch – Sellotape

Packaging in Italy – Packaging Agency with Design Made in Italy

These are some examples of effective Naming that, over the time, are directly linked to the market segment.

As I have already said previously, developing a Naming of a product or corporate nowadays is hard since the high competition in any segment market.

To be a Naming of success it must have the following characteristics:

  • Being easy
  • Being easy to understand
  • Evoking your product or the characteristics of your product
  • Being mnemonic

Contrary to what a person can imagines, in fact, the Naming is not the result of fantasy or intuition. It is the result of a work which is based on a strong knowledge of marketing, a deep comprehension of the market and a study of the segment market.

The Naming is not (almost) the result of fantasy or intuition. The use of a Naming of fantasy should happen only as the last chance, after verifying that is not possible to take other ways in the segment market.

Furthermore, is fundamental to understand which is the segment market. If, for example, the product or service is intended, as well as the Italian market, abroad the Naming has to be developed in English.

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