The importance of the logo to increase the sales of your product

What is meant by logo?

There is an abbreviation which properly defines the concept of the logo. It is the following one:

“The logo is the graphic aspect of the brand or of the company’s name”

The logo, therefore, is the written that usually represents a product, a service, a company or an organization.

It is typically made up of a symbol or graphic representation of a name or acronym which includes the use of a defined lettering.

A winning logo has to communicate what distinguishes your product or your service from the others in its category.

The logo is made up of a visual and verbal message.

The best way to lead the consumer to the purchase of your product is communicating a clear and coherent visual message. The logo must have a distinctive sign which possibly communicates a clear message towards the positioning.

The second aspect of a logo is the one of a strong and clear verbal message that sometimes you can find in the naming or in the payoff.

To the visual message is entrusted the task to achieve, before the verbal message, the mind of the customer to ensure that an idea is understood without neither effort nor misunderstanding.

Having a logo which communicates what you are and makes you understand what you do, means having a competitive advantage on the market.

In order that a brand is successful on the market, indeed, there must be coherence among logo, naming and payoff.


Let’s briefly analyze these elements:

The naming is a sign which allows the company to distinguish its products or services from other companies on the market. It must have specific and functional characteristics to make it unique. The naming is the choice of the name to attribute to a brand, a product or a service. It has to be oriented to the expression of the identity, the positioning and the characteristics of the brand.

The term payoff, instead, means a short phrase which is positioned below the logo and which represents the company. It explicits the identity making the brand recognizable in any circumstance. The payoff has the role to summarize the corporate values and leave a promise to the audience.


Why is the logo so important to emerge on the market?

The fame of a brand is often proportional to the success of its logo. If we think about big brands much of their luck is the logo since it became a recognizable icon in its strength and immediacy.

The logo allows the customer to recognize immediately the company, and so it must be easily recognizable since it plays a fundamental role for the brand.

It must be able to represent the identity of the brand and it must absolutely be coherent with the values of the company and with all the elements that contribute to the brand identity.

In the marketing of a product one of the most common mistake is reasoning for separate compartments. In many cases, in fact, companies work on packaging, naming, logo and payoff just like if they were disconnected elements among them, even if they really make you think just the opposite.

When does it happen?

It happens when you go to a generalist agency

Going to a generalist agency you think to simplify and coordinate your image, but actually this action often produces disasters.

The correct approach is, instead, to take all these decisions in a specific way. For this reason I created Packaging in Italy, to offer to customers a specialized service in the study and realization of the packaging which would address in a scientific and coordinate way all the correlated aspects that define the success of a product finalized in the packaging.

To have a coherent coordination of image with the positioning and the strategy of the brand, you need professionals in every single sector.

If you go to a generalist agency, on the contrary, you can receive a service about packaging, website, brochure etc. which may have a disconnected and uncoordinated message.


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To sell your product you have to start from the logo

As I have already told you before, the logo is certainly fundamental to increase the sales of your product, the logo should have the purpose to summarize in an easy visual icon the distinctive meaning of your commercial offer.

It is not so easy, and you can have the confirmation of it going among the shelves of large retailers.

When you have in front of you a packaging which is functional to sales you will recognize it!

How can you recognize it?

  • It has an excellent readability
  • It has an excellent originality
  • It has an excellent perception of the category
  • It will be of easily recognizability (it is imprinted in your mind without any effort)
  • You are able to distinguish immediately the packaging among the others (it helps to separate that product from the others in its category)
  • It summarizes the key concept (it generally underlines the distinctive attribute that belongs to that product, the one the also the naming and the payoff should communicate)

Through the development of a new logo or the restyling of an existent logo you could elevate the perception of your brand to the eyes of the consumers and being immediately recognizable compared to the other competitors.



The logo should communicate to the consumers a message that through the visual language underlines what has been communicated by the verbal message on all the brand image. Just in this way you are sure to reach concurrently the consumer from different forms of communication which transmit the same concept.

What does not exploit this opportunity mean?

It means two important things:

  • Don’t differentiate yourself from the competitors on the shelves and lead your hypothetical client not to remember you or worse to choose other players
  • Leaving space to your competitors. Remember that if you don’t do it, it will be done by one of your competitors. For this reason moving for first is an absolute advantage!

For the creation of a successful logo creativity and originality are not enough, but it’s indispensable a scientific approach that has to be integrated with the development of other elements which define the success of a product as the naming, the payoff, the structural of the packaging, the materials used and the visual components.

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