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If you understand how your product will be used and if you can look at it from the customer’s point of view, you start with the right foot to realize a packaging of success.

However very specific contests exist where the product even if it responds to a specific customer’s need is not used and therefore it doesn’t sell how it should.

When that happens it is not a problem about price, positioning or communication. When it happens there is a format problem.

A concrete example? Think about a famous product like Coca Cola, it has been developed in many different sizes.

The reason? Giving an answer to needs of different using. The same drink according to the format operates in a different market.

Find out these situations and realizing a tailor-made offer means opening a new market which is often virgin or less competitive than main market.


Can the same product thanks to a new packaging enter a different category?

Absolutely yes. At this point we know perfectly that the world is in an eternal evolution, there are very fast changes which change the habits in considerable way even in a few months.

The classic example of phone booth replaced by mobile phone or the story of the giant Sony which operated the music on headphones with Walkman which not believing in the digital music disappeared from that market.

These fast changes penalize who doesn’t seize upon and reward the ones who are able to recognize them in time.

It is the case of single use packaging.

I mean all those packaging solutions thought for food or products for body care which use single use solutions (travelling).

Low cost companies gain a foothold and decide to make an economical cartel on baggage, subsequently there was the 11th September disgrace and in less than one year rule’s transport changed about liquid on board.

Have a look to the product which are sold in airports or close to stations.

The shaving cream of 50 ml comes out of the competition of shaving cream’s common shelf to enter a competition which concerns only shaving creams which have developed products in that size. In that moment customer’s need introduces an essential condition: a size less than 100 ml to pass the control at the airport.



The contest of utilization of a new product can represent a distinctive category

So it happens that you are used to using Palmolive shaving cream, but you have to take a plane and you need room in the suitcase. In this case you will restrict the choice to whom which offer the right solution (Proraso or Gillette).

I strongly believe that every company should invest in research and development, but at the same time I believe that some big opportunities are already under our eyes. A different size for the same product is the classic missed opportunity.

The niche of single-dose product is particularly interesting because is not very competitive and because it offers more interesting profit margins.

In the last years, a company which has invented a category and it has taken advantage has been Grok (for Grana Padano cheese). Also ParmaReggio (for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese), remaining in the same category, has invented several opportunities with a wide range of snacks.


Vending machines market is also another perfect example of how helpful is adapting the format of your own packaging to the need of use (and of sale in this case).

For a well-known and established brand like Pringles selling in this contest has got only one solution: realizing a different format (the tube of 40gr instead of the classic tube of 190gr).

Also medicinal has thought about it adjusting the format of many popular products to the customer’s need out of home.

Wondering where and how their product is used, it has been certainly easier to find functional answers to the sales.

I am thinking about Aspirin in granules which is conceived to be used without water and packaged in a single packet which is practical to use and to bring with you.

The same for the competitor Okitask which is already evocative in the naming (single packet, to be used without water and to be brought in pocket).


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The advantage of a single-dose (travelling)

Less competitiveness

Brands jump themselves into the main category, for this reason some niches still have a few competitors.

Higher marginality

The marginality on small sizes is higher and this is surely an important element.

Entering in different markets

As in the case of vending machines and travel products we discover new inaccessible markets without the right size. For your company it could be the chance to exploit the same product on different markets.

Strategic positioning

They are pouring you some Coca-Cola in a glass, here there are three different situations:

– from a bottle of 2 litres (you are at a school party)
– from a glass bottle of 25 cl (cocktail bar, club…)
– from a mini can of 15 cl (hotel mini-bar or plane)

It is the same product perceived in a different way. It is just and exclusively the packaging to help the consumer to associate the product to completely different situations.


How could your product be sold using a single dose or for travelling? Just think about it and if this is an interesting way for you contact us. Our job is to identify strategic solutions which allow your products to sell more thanks to a packaging choice.

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