Without the storytelling you are nobody. [Nastro Azzurro Case Study]

Many people speak about branding, marketing strategy, brand positioning, packaging and Packaging Positioning.

We take for granted that these people are able to develop a positioning.

The question we should wonder is: have you thought about a strong storytelling that allows your product to be sold?

In these few years there have been a lot of rumors on the web towards Brand Positioning.

A lot of people started with do it yourself marketing.

One the most biggest mistakes of whom discloses brand positioning is not to explain how to develop a storytelling towards the positioning.

More and more often people come to the agency with the positioning already done.

Sometimes the idea is not wrong, but there is an absolute lack of awareness about the storytelling.

If you don’t know the importance of the storytelling is better you to stop yourself and you rely on an expert.

In the last years the storytelling has become for brands a crucial element to communicate, to reinforce and emphasize their positioning on the market.

What makes the difference is how you study the plot of the story and how you are going to tell that plot to the world.

If it fascinating you will become the star on your market, if you have no story to tell or you tell it without fascinating, your brand’s path will stop before the happy ending.

As you can find on the web for storytelling is meant the art of telling stories.

In order to develop better your story you have to know very well the art of the storytelling.


Learn the Storytelling to sell your Brand

The storytelling is, more and more often, used by companies to communicate effectively and enthusiastically their products or services.

It is conveyed in a coordinated way on all the online and offline communication.

In the offline communication the packaging plays a fundamental role to increase the sales.

Through the Packaging Positioning, indeed, the packaging becomes the main tool to communicate the storytelling and to emphasize the positioning of the product or the brand.


The advantages of the storytelling

In saturated markets where the competition is ruthless, the storytelling remains one of the few weapons of differentiation and uniqueness that brands can use to communicate.

If you are an entrepreneur or a company on the market you know well that they can imitate or copy almost everything: the product, the patent, the format and also the packaging. But there is a thing that can’t be copy: your story.

That story speaks about the identity of your product/service and it is unique and different from the competitors. It is as crucial as the positioning.

Let’s see the main advantages of the storytelling:

  • People love stories
  • It allows to speak to the target in a unique way
  • When behind your brand there is a story everything becomes more credible and convincing
  • It serves to give coherence to the identity of the product and to emphasize the positioning
  • It makes a sense of belonging to the brand, making it part of a family
  • Your story (or the story of your brand) can’t be copied: it is unique


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Do you know the story and the success of Nastro Azzurro?

Antonino Martella invented the recipe of this famous beer. After the war war II he was hired by Peroni and directed the factories in Bari and Naples. It is there that he created Nastro Azzurro and other beers. This is a nice story, but it is not enough.

To sell the beer and to make it become the best selling premium Italian beer abroad, Nastro Azzurro’s marketing has created a powerful and enveloping story that would make the consumer fall in love with it.


The journey of Nastro Azzurro started in 1963. The choice of the naming is linked to the prize  conferred in 1933 to the Rex transatlantic, commanded by Francesco Tarabotto, the first italian ship that was able to cross the Atlantic Ocean as fast as possible.

We are speaking of an majestic and luxurious cruise ship that sailed from Genova’s harbour and docked New Yor two hours before schedule. Nastro Azzurro name, with Italian pride that also recalls our country, started to be used for the beer.



Nastro Azzurro has always linked its brand to the sport Made in Italy, supporting over the years the italian team in the America’s Cup and, in addition, became between the 90s and 2000s the sponsor of nine-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi



The 2019 was the year of the rebranding of Nastro Azzurro. There was, indeed, the restyling of the bottle that makes the brand to elevate the elegance and the iconic nature of its image.

As you seen, behind a “simple beer” there is an Italian story that allows this brand to sell its product over 70 countries worldwide.

This has been possible thanks to a powerful story and a unique storytelling.


Nowdays to increase the sales and become the leader of the market, it is necessary to create a storytelling that allows you to communicate the positioning and to create a real relationship between the brand and its customers.

If you need to create a storytelling that allows you to emphasize your positioning on the market, contact us for a free consulting.




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