How important is the brand positioning in a brand repositioning strategy?

Sometimes companies and business reality are in front of the necessity to make a brand repositioning. The reasons could be different: from the necessity to adapt themselves to market’s changes to the will of making a new brand image.

But what is it about exactly?

Let’s see what the repositioning of a brand is and which role has got the brand positioning in this strategic process.


Brand repositioning: what is it?

Inside of company strategies, the market position refers to the perceptions that the consumers have got about a specific brand or product related to the brands and products competitors, while the market positioning is related to the process to place in unique and distinctive way the brand in the mind of the consumers.

After years of activity, it could happen that a company needs to reposition its brand to cope its competitors, as evolution of the social-economic environment or as will to open its target.

Concretely it means making a total rebranding, putting again a product or a service on the market with a new identity or making a partial rebranding through minor changes which aim to improve the perception of the brand by the consumers.


Rebranding: which role has the brand positioning got?

The positioning of a brand and its identity could sometimes appear as static elements. In reality, they are always more dynamic aspects, able to adapt and modulate themselves according to company and market needs. The brands, indeed, can’t be unaltered in the time because the dynamics of the business, the competitors, the targets and the products themselves change.

In particular, the rebranding is a strategic process that through the brand positioning repositions a brand that already exists, placing itself in a new way in the mind of the consumers. Sometimes it could be a gradual rebranding which is connected to a slow evolution of the company; in other opportunities, instead, it is a real revolution which signs a radical change to the strategic level and positioning.

In both cases, the common goal is to make a new system of communication which is able to underline and make visible the advantages and the quality offer of the company.

Let’s see what brand positioning is and which strategies can be used to position a brand correctly in the current market.


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The goal of an effective brand positioning is the definition of a unique and valuable positioning for a specific product or service. Packaging in Italy is an agency of packaging design and brand positioning which offers a 360 degrees service in the realization of a tailor made strategy which clearly places the brand in the mind of the consumers and it allows to distinguish itself from the competitors.

The opportunity to put in practice ad hoc brand positioning for your own business allows to exploit all its potential to launch a new product or to reposition a product on the market.

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