Prizes and recognitions at the XVIIIth Mediastars Awards 2014

It seems that June books for our agency a fixed appointment.

An event that takes us to Milan with pleasure and that does not let us go home empty-handed.

Also this year, for the XVIIIth edition of the Mediastars Award (one of the most important and desired awards nationwide), we have not been able to resist.

We had to take home something … something really important in the packaging industry 🙂

If you follow this blog, you know what I feel about creativity and rewards. But, it is a fact that when an award or recognition, of any kind, coincides with what I consider the most important achievement – sales generated on the shelves, then the prize itself becomes yet another confirmation of the good work. It becomes the recognition of colleagues that, leaving aside the competition, once a year, compare and congratulate each other for the work done. These events are a bit like those rare occasions when women applaud each other openly and sincerely: precious compliments.


Two Packaging in Italy projects particularly stood out. I am talking about Melegatti and Pagnotto’s restyling.


XVIIIth Mediastars Awards


First classified in the Restyling category

Special Stars for Graphic Design

Nomination to Short List



Corporate melegatti

Il Pagnotto

First classified in the Food category

Second classified Ex Aequo category Packaging section

Special Star for Art Direction

Special Star for Structural Design




In addition, the work done for Borgonovo Practica was distinguished with a nomination to the Short List.

In short, we went back home tired and satisfied, adding these awards to those achieved in the past.

This is yet another confirmation that thinking about a packaging that is functional to sales is the way to go. If not starting from creativity may apparently seem counterintuitive, at the end it all adds up and sales and rewards show up. Actual results in 360°.

Conclusion? Sales and recognition from critics and colleagues. Now, it would seem obvious to win again next year, but it will not be so easy, we’d better get back to work.



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