Brand Positioning Guide: some advice for the success

Nowadays the brand is one of the most powerful tools of communication: a marketing strategy which is able to position a brand in a distinctive way, indeed, it is one of the most effective way to place itself in the mind of the consumers.

Let’s see what brand positioning is and which strategies we have to use to position correctly a brand in the market.


Brand Positioning: what it is

The positioning of a brand could be defined as the act of designing the offer and the brand image so that it occupies in distinctive and unique way the mind of the consumers and the reference market.

It is a strategy based on the differentiation compared to what the competitors do: it could be linked to the characteristics of the products, the communication the brand identity and its values.

The brand positioning, therefore, is a strategic process which has the goal to place a brand through specific marketing activities which are able to make immediately recognizable a product or a service.

The brand positioning, in fact, needs to communicate in a distinctive and clear way the main attributes of a brand of a product so that it is perceived as able to answer and solve a specific need.


Strategies of Brand Positioning

The brand positioning hasn’t just the goal to position a brand in the mind of the customers: it has to do it in an effective way.

It means that it is fundamental that a brand is perceived as positive, different and reliable from the target audience through specific strategies of positioning.

Below you can find some key advice on how effectively positioning a brand:

  • Define the brand identity: the first step is defining clearly the goals, the values and the image of the brand. It means defining the identity 360-degree: from the visual aspects as the font, the logo and the colors to symbolic meanings which are associated to the brand and they are shared with the consumers.


  • Establish a connection with the target: in order that a positioning is going to be successful the consumer should perceive the brand or the product as able to satisfy their needs. The answer is to get in touch humanly with the potential consumers in order to generate positive experiences with the brand and identify which problem they are trying to solve using that kind of brand or product.


  • Differentiating from the competitors: it is fundamental that a brand proposes a unique product, which is characterized from distinctive and different elements than the other ones on the market. It is therefore necessary putting in practice a specific strategy of differentiation with the goals to position the brand in an exclusive way in the mind of the consumers.


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