Video – Lesson of Jack Trout and Peter Drucker

There are gurus and gurus. With this article I want to speak about two gentlemen who are guru with uppercase “G”: Jack Trout and Peter Drucker.

Trout is the father of the positioning, Drucker was one of the most important scholars of the management, theorist of Management by objectives.

What does Brand Positioning have to do with management?

I am going to explain it in this article, with the help of Jack Trout and Peter Drucker.


CEO and Top Manager:
Do Marketing and Innovation.

“The goal of any business is to acquire customers


The road has been indicated by Drucker himself. As Jack Trout mentions in the following video.

The two crucial actions to acquire new customers are doing marketing and innovation.



Get out of your office, go and see what’s going on in marketing and research and development areas.

If you are not working on the differentiation of your product you have got a problem.


The differentiation will save your business

“More competitors you have and more you have to work on the differentiation


Don’t let that in your company energies, time and money are used to prove to have the best product.

Work for consumers to perceive it as different, unique as the only alternative to their needs.

This is the real secret of Positioning.

The Positioning is what CEO and Manager have to push.

Now you just have to find out the evolution of the positioning: the Packaging Positioning®.

The Packaging Positioning® is the packaging oriented to positioning and at the differentiation of the product.


Packaging Positioning®

The head


If you follow us on our blog, you already know that Packaging in Italy is the only partner of Trout & Partners in Italy.

The Packaging Positioning® was recognized by Jack Trout as the missing element in the implementation of Brand Positioning.

The Packaging Positioning® is not a creative operation. It’s a strategy in the strategy.

We study the market, the target and only when we have got all the information we start developing the graphic of the packaging.

For this reason we have earned the appreciation by Jack Trout, one of the most important marketing expert in the world.


Summarizing, don’t forget Trout and Drucker’s lesson. If you want your business increase, if you want to acquire new customers you have to think about these four things: marketing, innovation, differentiation and positioning.

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