How many days are left for Christmas?

How many days are left for Christmas?

You can find the correct answer here!

Knowing how many days remains to Christmas, it’s certainly not the reason for this post, the important thing is to know that like every year when Christmas comes, we let’s talking about leavened cakes for the occasion and therefore, of panettoni.

In the last few Christmases, on marketing and panettone have been said so many things, some right and others really wrong, we can certainly say that it’s one of those products that more attracts people’s attention, both on and off the shelf.

Augusta pnt

After twenty years of packaging of panettone and pandori, I can serenely say my opinion.
The new Packaging Positioning that I want to talk about in this case study is exactly an Italian panettone.

A few months ago, while I was walking in the corridors of an important international fair in Cologne (ISM – Germany), I met a client of mine, Dr. Luca Lazzaroni; so we started to talk about this and that, as we usually do, about the latest news and mentioning the next moves to do for the strategy of his company, until when with satisfaction he changed the tone of his voice and told me:

Bondani, be available soon, I have just purchased a historic brand from Milan in the world of panettone!

I bought Augusta Panettoni!


I honestly didn’t know very well before that this brand, but its name excited me from the first moment.


A bit of history:

Augusta is a reality that was born in 1945 in Milan, from an old master pastry chef who used, in his laboratory, the classic recipe of the Milanese tradition of panettone. In the 1980s, a new generation of pastry chefs joined the company, developing the commercial area, enlarging and modernizing the production of leavened products. Today, Augusta products are synonymous of high quality and tradition in Milanese panettone.


The first logo and the first packages:


Ancient Augusta



A subsequent logo and package:


Augusta versione recente

As soon as I saw the logo, I immediately understood that it had nothing to do with the name and historical positioning. I immediately pointed out to Dr. Lazzaroni the mistake, who knowning me and collaborating with Packaging in Italy for years, immediately understood what my intensions would be.


What we have done?

  • We have repositioned the Augusta, giving it a future to become a brand.
  • We did a Packaging Positioning.
  • A careful research and analysis of the various competitors was done in detail:
    For those who don’t understand perfectly this world, in this case we are not talking about Balocco, Bauli, Maina, Motta, Paluani, etc. But we are talking about Albertengo, Cova, Fiasconaro, Flamigni, Loison, etc., same world but with different sales channels.



Augusta hand wrapped



We have given the right position to the brand:


Logo Augusta


We have created a different logo



Augusta immagine calamita


The real secret of the development of this winning and convincing logo was to intuit that the Arco della Pace, already existing in the previous logo, as well as not respecting a historical spelling, had a too general visual: it could not remember Milan and even not even remember Italy. The sestiga is different, certainly it is an extremely original element, untapped and of great recognizability towards Italianness and in the consumer world, it is here where the intuition of the new magnetic visual of Augusta was born.

The addition of the word “Ditta” accompanied by the Italian flag, the pursue of a historical lettering, related to the new payoff “Panettoni Milano 1945”, meant that this logo had all the credentials to reach the deserved market position.

The same choice was made in all those elements that make up the graphics and all the Packaging Positioning, the choice to differentiate ourselves from all the other market players. The color, the illustrations, the texts, the fonts, everything you see on the package has been designed and revisited a thousand times to get the Augusta Panettone 1945 brand positioning.

If you also want to understand in detail what Packaging Positioning is, you can contact us at [email protected].



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