How important is the structural design in the Packaging Positioning?

One of the most important weapons that a marketing office has to conquer the market and to win the battle on shelves with the packaging positioning is for sure the structural design.

Having a unique and dedicated structure for its product allows you not just to differentiate yourself from the competitors but, especially, to get into the mind of the customer through its shape the more it will be different from the competitors and the more it will become iconic and will remain imprinted in the mind of the consumer for a long time.

The structural of the packaging represents one of the main elements to create a packaging of Genetic Profit that will allow your product to obtain continuous sales.


The Packaging Positioning for a unique Structural Design

In increasingly saturated markets where the competition is ruthless, having a product qualitatively high or focusing on territoriality is not enough to differentiate yourself from the competitors.




We know that the packaging communicates to the consumer all the characteristics that allow your brand to sale through verbal or non-verbal messages.

A packaging developed with the technique of the packaging positioning can become an eternal packaging, also without having a different product on the market.

That also thanks to a dedicated structure of your packaging.

The structural design plays an important role for the purchase of your product.

Any product should be able to catch the attention of the consumer and to remain in its mind with a clear image.

A unique packaging in its dimension and structure will differentiate itself from the other market players and it will be easily recognizable and mnemonic at potential customers’ eyes.

If you close your eyes and you think about a brand, about a specific product, you exactly think to its packaging structure.

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When a packaging become history?

A packaging to become immortal has to have some clear characteristics. First of all it has to be a packaging developed with the packaging positioning method.

To develop your packaging you have to rely on experts. The structure is crucial, but it is not the only aspect for the development of an immortal packaging.


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There are some historical packages that have become an icon for consumers.

In some cases you just need to have a look at the packaging to link it to the brand, regardless of graphic development.

This magic is possible thanks to the development of a unique and differentiating structural design on the market.

It is not a case that those brands that first have been able to develop a different and innovative structure on the market have conquered the leadership of their category, even if they were later copied by the competition.


Nivea is an historical brand which is leader on its market.

More than 100 years ago Nivea invented the modern skin care with the product Nivea Creme.

There is a common thread that for 100 years has allowed the brand to become a leader and be recognized at the eyes of consumer. Which one?

The packaging with its unmistakable structure, of course.



We are speaking about an historical packaging which has become a real icon.

Since its launch back in 1911, Nivea creme has been sold in a circular tin BOX. Initially, beige was chosen as the institutional color.

From 1925 the turn: change the color from beige to blue, but maintainig the same circular structure.

Over the years the pack has changed with some restylings, but always maintaining its characteristics and its main features that have allowed it to get in the mind of the consumer and conquer the market


As you have seen the structural design is not just a detail for the success of your product, but it is a fundamental element of uniqueness and differentiation.

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