Do you want a packaging that sells? Reason as if you were a champion!

Have you ever seen the expression on the face of sportsmen when they get injured? Do you know what they are thinking of?

I tell you my opinion, and I am sure about it, even though I have never played in Serie A, nor participated in a Moto GP race.

I have worked for many years with real champions, although playing a different tournament, the one for retail products.

Each champion, in the instant following the painful moment of an injury, thinks of only one thing: to find a quick solution so that he can win again his competition.

The solution is always the answer to a specific problem.

An injury prevents him from competing and his only concern is to go over this obstacle as best and without losing time.

This is the vision that has allowed a product to become a champion – thanks to a talented entrepreneur or to a great project manager in the retail tournament.

Whether it’s about Buffon and his shoulder injury or any other sportsman, the reaction is always the same.

Who can help me go over this obstacle so that I can compete again as soon as possible?

If any agency, graphic design studio or typography could provide a tailored solution to a packaging from Italian design for your product, you would probably have seen Buffon in the waiting room of the emergency room of your city for his shoulder problem, but it is not like that.




Only highly specialized professionals can offer a solution in these terms, because as Buffon is “specialized” in his role as goalkeeper (in this role he produces the best results and this is why he has been training his entire life), other professionals have “trained” throughout their lives to solve other specific problems. If you are a top performer in the business world, you know that your market is as competitive as Serie A tournament. No holds barred.

An injury is what all your competitors hope for, this is why you should be able to find the best solution in the shortest possible time.



The truth is that the world has changed, it travels at a high speed. What unconsciously worked 10, 20 or 30 years ago, today it no longer does even if using the same rules. It no longer produces the same results.

I talk about packaging, but this principle certainly applies to every aspect of your business. Only with the help of highly skilled professionals, you are able to cope with unexpected situations, competition and every problem present in the pitch of today’s business world.

Until a few years ago a normal graphic design agency was the natural response to every business need for communication, advertising and packaging, it is no longer possible. A generalist service hardly reaches the same results as a professional who has a dedicated service can achieve.

You will agree with me that a team of graphic designers, creative and art directors who are exclusively dedicated to packaging – studying the best solutions, testing and investigating the matter every single day – focus more on your problem, if compared to graphic designers, creative and art directors who offers services for video commercials, ads, websites, events, media planning and, also, for packaging.


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This is why a targeted specialization is the answer to achieve reliable results in short time. Remember, it is about the packaging of your product, its image in the store and what the consumer will see in those 2/3 seconds he will pay attention to it. Do you want to take the chance to go for an approximate solution?!

This is the reason why we decided to specialize and devote all our efforts to the study and implementation of a packaging that is functional to sales, operating only in this sector and putting all our energy in finding real solutions.

That is how Packaging In Italy was born, the packaging from Italian design.

The pack, the box, the packaging (call it as you wish!) is a vital aspect for the success of the product and only a specialist can provide a concrete solution for your sales.

If you are launching a new product or thinking about changing the image of the existing ones (redesign is another vital element), how do imagine you can find the solution that will allow your packaging to ensure a preferential channel in distribution and to generate sales on the shelves?

Do not stop to suffer for your injury even if it hurts, you should rather think of the solution: a packaging that makes your sales grow in the shortest possible time. We have specialized on this aspect.


What could we do for you? Contact us. We will be happy to help you to identify the best solution for your products.




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