Why the start-ups which focus on the packaging are successful?

If you have got a good idea or a great product and you want to open an activity it is not said that you are able to introduce and to explain it to your potential customers or investors.Deciding what image your product will have once arrived in stores is not something that everyone is able to do or at the last moment. I have already illustrated to you some risks you will find putting at the last position of your priorities the choice of the packaging


When the packaging arrives at the first position

In particular there are some situations where the realization of the packaging should be one of the first things to do. I am thinking about the start-ups that in Italy and abroad are catching the attention of media, the energy of bright young brains and the capitals of investors.

It is about all those newborn companies which bet on very strong elements of innovation, for this reason in many cases they deal with software and technology, but this does not exclude the realization of physical products.

Without making an economics treaty about birth and evolution of a start-up we can summarize the process with:

An initial innovative idea > the capacity to make it real and presentable with few resources > the commitment to find financing or commercial agreement to let the project take off.

In this chain that I summarized, there is the cycle of life of a start-up and here the role of marketing is fundamental and when we speak about physical product, marketing = packaging.

For this reason if you make a mistake on packaging it is likely that the project could not work.


Why is the packaging vital for your start-up?

I would like to explain you that if have had an idea of a physical product and you are trying to make out of your idea a business launching it on the market thanks to commercial partnership or thanks to the support of investors, a scientific investment on packaging can make the difference.

If you have read some my old articles you know how much attention you need on all those elements of the packaging that help to create the right perception of the product at the eyes of the customers. In these few aesthetic choices there is the secret of the sale.

But what happens if your sale instead of realizing in the store takes place in front of a table in a meeting room with 10 possible international investors?

Or in a marketing office of one of the giants of the large retailers which is evaluating the possibility to participate at the lunch of the product?

Or in a product office of a big company which could evaluate a co-branding solution that could help you in the launch of your product?

I tell you what happens. After an analysis of all your economic projections, of your feasibility plans, break even thresholds, ROI (return on investment) and on all you have prepared carefully and with commitment to support the idea that investing on your product is a profitable choice, after all these things, their attention will fall on an image.

In their minds there will be just an image. Human brain needs to visualize an image, it works for images, and if you will provide a wrong image or not correct of your idea, all your speeches will lose most of their impact.

Even the mind of the most careful investors and the biggest commercial partners requires an image to visualize, that image is the packaging of your product.

Remembering that until you are in the start-up phase you are selling an idea, giving an image to that idea making the right perception in the mind of your first customers – investors and commercial partners – it is the first thing to do, it is not a detail.

Furthermore, if on the other hand you have got a reality as a big company of large retailers which is already able to hypnotize already a possible inclusion on the sales network, giving the image of what will appear on the shelves will do nothing but making even more real and feasible your idea at their eyes.

The launch of a new product is often anticipated from a media campaign which uses medias as elements of public relation, it means that they will speak about your product when it will not even physical exist, and also here the image is essential because the medias (old and new) are always happy to spread interesting news, but they need visual material to catch the attention of the audience.


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Put the packaging at the first place

I remind you that any start up should put the study of the packaging at the first point.

Nowadays the packaging is the marketing of your product. I am not exaggerating. In the store, in the mind of the customer, your packaging is your product. Realizing the packaging we carefully study the market, the competitors, the differentiating message and these are considerations which force us to take some decisions that sometimes are radical. At the beginning instead, in that initial phase where a start-up is, reasoning about the packaging is perfect because it is really possible to individuate the most functional solution without too many constraints.

In conclusion, if you act at the beginning you could really use the tool of packaging to obtain an affiliate marketing which will sell all over the world. To the lenders and the partners first, to the customers later.

If you are launching a start up I hope you have arrived at this point of the article, remember that there isn’t a winning marketing without packaging.

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