What can logo do to increase the sales of your product?

In marketing of a product the most frequent mistake is that of reasoning in separate components.

In many cases they work at packaging, at its naming, logo and Pay Off just like if they weren’t connected to each other. This produce disasters. Valuable products which are destined to dump since their birth.

The right approach is, instead, to take all these decisions in a coordinated way. For this reason I decided to create Packaging in Italy, to offer to my customers a complete and specialized service in the study and realization of the packaging which would address in a scientific and coordinate way all the aspects which determine the success of a product.


Have you properly understood what I mean for a scientific approach?

When I speak about a scientific development I mean absolutely non creative studied for a specific reason with a deep analysis of the target market to obtain the positioning of the product in mind of the consumer and increasing the sales.


To sell your product you have to start from the logo

Among many aspects the logo is certainly a crucial element. The logo should have the purpose to summarize in a simple visual icon the distinction meaning of your commercial offer.

It is not so easy, and a glance among the lines of large retailers will confirm it.

But when you come across into a functional logo to sales you’ll recognize it without any effort.

How would you know that?

  • It has got an excellent readability
  • It has got an excellent originality (without coming into creativity)
  • It has got an excellent perception of the category
  • It will be of easy recognizability
  • You are able to distinguish the packaging among the others
  • It summarizes the key concept


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What can exactly the logo do if it is powerful?

A logo correctly made makes your final choice easier because you understand properly what it is about. Practically it simplifies the choice of purchase, you remember it without any effort and concentrate your attention on it putting in second level the other offers. Not bad, right?


For a correct Packaging Positioning you must know that…

The logo, as the naming of product and its Pay Off are not a game for creatives, and this is the second biggest mistake which damages many products: entrusting the choice of the logo to purely aesthetic parameters.


Your logo, your winning message

A winning logo must communicate something and that something must be what distinguishes your product from the others.

The visual message of the logo has the task to reach the mind of the consumers before the verbal message and ensure that an idea is understood without any effort and without misunderstanding.





Famous logo = winning logo? Not always.

There are many brands with a well-known logo, but an accurate analysis shows how just some of those have taken advantage of the communicative power of a logo to their advantage.

Monster energy drink is a perfect example of how a logo can communicate with a visual message in a clear and direct way.

The “M” of the logo plays an effective role in this task bringing with it 2 main attributes: strength and fear. Both of them are coherent with the positioning of the product and with the target to which it is addressed.

Not by chance Monster born in 2002, as Burn that is the energy drink of Coca Cola group, became co-leader of Red Bull. In a little time it was able to occupy permanently the position of the second player on the market just after the colossus that is Red Bull which enjoys a dominant position to have played in advance thanks to an excellent marketing.



Why is so important using the visual message of the logo?

Our brain is divided into 2 hemispheres. The left hemisphere is more rational and analytical (it is able to analyze numbers and words re-elaborating them in a logical way), the right hemisphere is more sensible to a visual message (just like the one of a logo) and it works on the irrational part receiving and re-elaborating that kind of message.

Practically the right side of the brain immediately reacts to a visual message, and when a logo contains a strong, clear and coherent message with what is your distinctive message, the right hemisphere is able to incorporate it immediately.


Hit hard the right part of your costumer’s brain

Lead the customer to the final purchase! The best way to lead the customer to the purchase is associating a clear and coherent visual message (your logo) to a verbal message equally clear and strong (Pay-Off and Naming).

In this way the communication will act concurrently on the right and left hemisphere producing the best result in terms of attention and answer from the customer. The non-verbal part of the communication is much more effective (87%) than the verbal part (13%).


A faded chance…

What does not taking advantage of this this chance mean?

It means two important things:

  1. Don’t differentiate yourself compared to the competition on the shelves and take you hypothetical customer not to remember you and even worse to chose other players on the market.
  2. Leave free field to the competitors. Remember that if you don’t do it, your competitors will do it. For this reason moving for first is an absolute vantage!



The logo should communicate to the customer a message which through the visual language underlines what expressed from verbal message on the packaging.

In this way we are sure that the customer is concurrently reached from several forms of communication which transmit the same concept.

For the creation of a successful logo creativity and originality are not enough, but it is essential a scientific approach which should be integrated with the development of the other elements that determinate the success of a product as the naming, the Pay-Off, the structure of the packaging, the materials utilized and the visual components.

This is the job that every day we do in Packaging in Italy. To deepen and know in the details our services contact us without any obligation to this page.


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