The packaging is the marketing of your product [change of rules]

When a packaging comes to shelves:

  • Being recognizable from the others just with a glance
  • Increasing the sales of product
  • Bringing with itself creativity and design elements

It means we are in the presence of that in agency is called “MAGIC”.


It is geniality in its pure state applied to the pack of a product. BINGO!
It is what I thought when I saw for the first time the pack of coconut water Pearl Royal. A clear example of this magic!


We can’t achieve these results with creativity

Did you notice it? The creativity is the last of ingredients that constitute the “formula” of magic packaging.

Indeed we work on creativity just after having defined with precision all the others aspects.

The creativity is not the “evil”, but has got a precise position and getting it out from its perimeter means compromising the success of the work.

This can’t be the starting point on which we can base the development of a new packaging, however this is the approach of most of agencies which are on the market and just a few of them speak about the positioning or Packaging Positioning™.


What do they do? They start from the creativity to arrive to a nice product which is not thought to be sold.

That is the reason for which today a lot of creative agencies DON’T WORK in a repeated way in the most important thing: creating a packaging which is able to sell.

What happened in these years

Agencies or luxury graphic studios have sold loads of creativity. The companies paid a little attention to it, and now that the market crushes also the big brands, they realized that the only creativity is not enough and now everybody is trying to correct it.

Creativity is not enough, but the ideas are not still clear about what to do…

That’s the reason for which there is a big confusion about marketing.

I could see it every day, never like in this period I have been receiving requests from companies which come with a lot of doubts in their mind.
They come to look for solutions, clear answers but most of them are not ready to a real change.

As you know, anyway to obtain a different result, we have to do something different and this doesn’t concern only a choice of new packaging, but the mental approach with which you have a  relationship with the agency.



Do you need a packaging which is able to sell?


The reason for which you can’t afford to be the “Mister Master”

Let’s speak clearly, for many companies the relationship with the suppliers has always been characterized from an insane game: I pay how and whenever I want and I dictate the conditions.

Working in this way often concerns the world of generalist agencies which in order to sell services, have always accepted conditions out of any logic of the market.

This fact leads companies to evaluate agencies as simple suppliers, losing sight of the real value of an external specialized consultant could give. We are talking about strategic advanced consultation: the image of your product in customer’s eyes is the most important thing and treating how as a of many item of expenditure, it will not help to find  in your business, partner able to save a product in difficulty or launching a new one.


 Packaging e marketing


The packaging is the marketing of your products

The packaging is the part of your product which materializes with the package, but it was born from an accurate marketing strategy.

If you think about it packaging is marketing!

It allows the products to sell, to fill a safe space on the shelf in the aisle, and staying in the buyer’s mind and also in the customer’s mind.


For this reason if you are suspicious to simple creativity you have got all my comprehension.

However at the same time I ask you to understand that the relationship between agency and every single customer – or at least it is like this in Packaging in Italy – is a delicate, deep relationship that requires a big mutual respect.


Two roads: choose what you do

Building together a project for a unique goal, selling your product. This is the only way to work and achieve the results you look for (revenue and marginality).

Playing on conditions, timings and payments brings you back to the nineties.
Years full of creativity and never went out of fashion for most of graphics. Agencies ready to say yes to any kind of customers, but often they are not able to help properly how to improve the sales of their products, all based on creativity. What do you prefer? If you are an entrepreneur you have to choose.


Do you want to relaunch your products or expand your activity with new references? Contact us for a first free consultation and we will be pleased to evaluate in the details your situation.



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