The importance of the naming in the packaging

It is undeniable: the commercial success of a product is directly linked to its name.

What is technically defined naming is, indeed, a fundamental process to give to the product a precise identity and helping it in the difficult commercial competition that nowadays it is about any product category.

The technical definition is the following one:

A word, or a group of words, used to identify the product in distinctive way from the others one which are one in the same category.

Identifying a naming in the middle of 70’s was completely different than identifying it in the middle of 2000s. There was less competition, the internet didn’t exist, 40 years less of companies, products and privates that recorder logos.

Nowadays when you want to identifying a name you have to start from the current situation (that already exists on the market) analyzing with great attention what has been done from the competitors, what is still available and only then you can start to reason on the construction of your naming. As you see it is a process that we could define “backwards” because it dedicated itself to the creation of the naming just in the last phase.


Why does the naming rhyme with packaging?

The study and the realization of a packaging which is functional to the sales is directly linked to the development of the naming, this is because every time you reason at the launch of a new product its name is among the elements to define.

Packaging and naming can’t travel on separate tracks, not surprisingly among the works developed by Packaging in Italy the choice of the naming was often the crucial element.


 What does the naming mean nowadays?

This aspect is often underestimated not just by the entrepreneur, but also from many creatives who don’t recommend and sensitize the customer about this aspect. In this way it is misunderstood with the inevitable result of not helping the product to sell.



For many companies the name of the product is a technical aspect, how it was the code of the reference. It is clear that with this spirit there will not be any investment of time and resources to find a solution because the name of the product is not considered as an aspect to take it to the success.

Reasoning wrong and it is an aspect not to be underestimated.



In this case time and resources will be involved, but in the wrong direction. The research of a functional name of the product should not be confused with a fantasy and creative exercise.

The purpose is not the satisfaction of those who want to give voice to their originality making something funny or extravagant, but it is a scientific design to individuate the most suitable term or terms to represent verbally the product in a successful way.

As it happens in the packaging the creativity is not the most important thing, because with the name you decide the future of your product.



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The success of your naming in 3 points

I have summarized three characteristics of a successful naming:


1.Easy to remember


It seems a banality, but the facility with which we are able to remember a name is very important.


2.Sending to a distinctive and unique element of the product


IThe name has to contain a message and the message has to support the distinctive attribute of the product


3.Coherent to the category market


Obviously it has to be in harmony with the nature and the characteristics of the sector, this doesn’t mean being just like the others, but respecting some fundamental characteristic that make the customer understand that your product belongs to a specific category market (for example organic products).

Finally we don’t have to forget that the naming has got a triple function: being read, remembered and pronounced, so we evaluate with great attention the choice of a name wondering if it is easy to be read, easy to be remembered and pronounced.

I hope having helped you giving practical ideas for the choice of a naming which helps your product to have success.

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