The Cheestyle case study and its Ghosting Effect

A few weeks have passed since the market launch of this positioning in the dairy sector but the protagonist in this case is not milk and cheese, but rather everything that revolves around the brand of that sector. This positioning is not easy to understand and to be understood by the mass, because it is the typical positioning with “the Ghosting effect”, but what are we talking about exactly?

We are talking about all the gadgets, equipment and promotional items that you can find in the dairy sector, for example what is behind an important brand like Parmigiano Reggiano; The Authenticates marketed and wanted to communicate exactly that.
We have turned the page, today the Authenticates are Cheestyle, now I’ll explain why.


A positioning with the ghosting effect.

Do you know Parmigiano Reggiano cheese bowl, the ones you find in 87% of cases on the tables of Italian trattorias? Well, I’m talking exactly about that.



Formaggiera Cheestyle


But why is a Ghosting Effect hiding behind the Cheestyle Positioning?

The first real problem of Cheestyle is to communicate its main brands.

As I said before, let’s take as an example the Parmigiano Reggiano brand, which is a Cheestyle’s client, who gives him the concession to develop the whole image of the brand concerning the, cheese tools, packages, triangular boxes for the cheese tip, shopping bags, etc. Last but not least, even all the promotional items, like sweatshirts, hats, USB keys, pens and gadgets of all kinds, you understand well that if you are a licensing company, and as such you always look for the most famous, strongest brand to be able to resell, your own brand is likely to be crushed under the communication of the same license you are promoting.

When you are in the middle of this game, you hardly notice the mistake you are making, because the more the brand you that you promote is important and strong, the more things will work very well and for this reason you keep pushing and communicating in a one way, almost completely forgetting that you have an own brand, that’s why it is called Ghosting Effect. Now I see that you got it…



Testimonianza Cheestyle

“Thanks to Packaging in Italy we have understood the importance of marketing and Brand Positioning for the success of every company”

Once upon a time “The Authentic”, today we have Cheestyle.

This was the first big mistake of the old brand “Gli Autentici”, if at the beginning your license has a much higher brand awareness than yours and what’s more your name is “Gli Autentici”, the biggest risk that can happen is that the market recognizes you as a sub-brand of the same license, so your future brand is lost, because there is nothing left for you than to enhance your license brand for all your existence, risking to bring your business on a road with no return.


Gli Autentici Logo


Why is it a very dangerous game?

Because in this way it becomes very difficult, if not impossible to do marketing for your brand in order to increase its value, however you move, you will do unintentional damage. The more time you take to understand these steps of brand positioning and worse it will be for you.

The real aim of the Cheestyle brand positioning, towards the Packaging Positioning, wat to enhance and communicate a brand with a storytelling and finally have a corporate image. Cheestyle name allowed us to do marketing for ourselves, we developed the new logo, with a new name and a new payoff in the cheese accessories categories.


Logo Cheestyle


The new brand positioning case study, derives from the request for a very simple packaging restyling of the “Gli Autentici” line, has highlighted to the property, the real problems of this old name and brand, after an initial analysis aimed at Packaging Positioning, a fundamental starting tool for understanding the right path and achieving true goals and remaining on the market.


Corporate Cheestyle


Subsequently the farsightedness and the entrepreneurial vision did the rest, there was a way to understand perfectly all the nuances, the Ghosting Effect and the benefit that only the positioning can give in a strategic way.


If you also want to do business, and you are not sure if you ended up in the trap of the Ghosting Effect, contact us for a free first consultation, we will be happy to meet you and be useful to your business.


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