Roll Eat Start-up: from Packaging to the Concept Store

Why were we present at the opening of the “Il Centro” in Arese, the biggest shopping mall in Europe?

Because we wanted to see the result of our hard work for the creation of a start-up in the sector of quick food service, of which we have defined the positioning and format, and then created a brand identity and a concept store that could communicate the brand positioning in an efficient way.


After several months, we can talk about it, because finally the day of the inauguration has come…


Is a good idea enough to launch a new product on the market?

Well, it is definitely the one from which we have to start, but you know well that it is not enough because the consumer, at the first impact, hasn’t got the possibility to assess the real qualities of the product: everything he can learn depends on the communication.

For this reason, the packaging has taken on a central role in communication for the launch of new products on the market becoming decisive. Actually, even more companies and those who are really skilful in marketing are looking for the answers in the same packaging.

Among several motivations, I have identified 2 of them:

  1. Communicate the Branding;
  2. It already exists as cost entry in the production (you have to do it).

When a product then uses its own commercial network to be sold – the formula of the one brand shop – is not only the image of the product that establishes the success, but all the communication, product, store, brand, etc.

Easier said than done, obviously.

Right on this concept we called to work on: the launch of an innovative start-up and with a really differentiating idea that required a precise work of packaging, branding and concept store.

When the client first contacted us, the idea in its simplicity convinced us from the beginning: offering a healthy alternative to the concept of fast food on the market.

Simple rice rolls filled with meat, fish and vegetables. Everything is processed naturally reducing the processed ingredients to a minimum.



The premises were excellent, but how can we convert the initial idea in a packaging and a brand capable of attracting new clients in the point of sales?

“Our consideration then stretched out to the normal one of the strategic development of a packaging and has assessed 6 essential aspects for the success of the start-up.”


6 points to launch a food start-up on the market from zero

First of all, I will try to explain quickly the product, I trivialize it to make it easier; we are talking about a food chain with the differentiating and winning idea of launching one giant rice roll (bigger than sushi), with meat, fish and vegetables on the Italian market.

  1. Naming: everything starts with the name

For this aspect, we have used the same rules we use for the launch of a product; this is the work we have done for Il Pagnotto, ReRegalo, Sfoglia Nera Majani and many other products which were born here in our agency from zero.

In this case, our consideration aimed for the extreme simplicity: reassume the key concept in 2 words.



Using two international terms – easy to understand also for the reference audience in Italy – was strongly wanted- The foreign market represents now a big opportunity for every business Made in Italy, and starting with an exportable naming is a mandatory strategic choice.

Furthermore, the immediacy of the naming helps the consumer to remember and understand it; moreover, the term “roll” can be easily associated to its Italian tradition “rolled”, and as we are talking about rice rolls, it helps underlying the differentiating element of the brand.


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Last but not least, a careful control of the online and offline availability, free domains (nowadays, each business must live on the web too) and the possibility to register a brand.

Thinking about a naming without checking these aspects for the client, does not mean supplying a real support to the business that is about to grow.

The research of the naming is one of the pivotal aspects of the “POSITIONING” and definitely also one of the most.


  1. Logo: the image in the client’s mind

We wanted to make the comprehension of the texts extremely simple, and for this reason we have used a clean lettering. Working with the contrast of red/white of the O, allowed us referring to the Japanese world, which is directly connected to the concept of rice and healthy food, an excellent transfer of sensation.

It was important to communicate also the message of a handmade product and for this reason we purposefully chose an irregular shape using the green colour, an umpteenth reference to the green world, as support for the concept.


  1. Payoff: make your product talk

The choice wanted to be incisive on the positioning of the product “Everyday fresh rice roll”, explaining clearly what that is about and which the distinctive element is: rice rolls prepared every day. If the perspective of the foreign market is attractive, Italy represents the starting point; also with a payoff in English, we have worked on terms and concepts that are easy to understand by the reference audience.

In this case, it is an already trained and sensible audience and it is definitely capable of understanding simple messages of this kind.



  1. Brand Identity

The overall brand had to communicate in a clear way the nature of the product, its belonging, the nature of the service and the distinctive positioning. Actually, in a market full of offers like the franchising one of food, only the capacity of levelling out the message at all levels can guarantee results. We have coordinated every aspect, from packaging to the concept store. The packaging master has had the domino effect on everything indeed, and working in this direction allowed us giving birth to a new brand.


  1. Product packaging

The solution of packaging system was thought for a double possibility: the take away model (purchase in the store, but consumption elsewhere) and the model of consumption inside the store.

Therefore, the packaging on different rolls has been levelled out, generating the specification of the single reference.

Obviously, the materials and colours of the packaging have helped to underline the concept of healthy and natural food, and the various typologies (meat, fish, and vegetables).

In details, our contribution regarded the development of:

  • Packaging hand roll;
  • Packaging side dish;
  • Shopper bag;
  • Tablecloth with menu.

A deeper analyses has to be dedicated to the hand roll packaging, since we have identified a solution that is capable of solving in an efficient way (and at low costs) some typical problems of take away products.

In particular way, one of the main difficulties was to find a packaging capable of avoiding the direct contact of food with the hands and the bearing plane. This is a solution to eat the classic finger food without cutlery, and let food “breath”, so that the organoleptic properties are kept intact.

The typology of packaging that has been identified goes beyond these complications in a brilliant way, respecting a high hygienic standard. What really embellishes the choice of packaging used is its capacity of making the product visible in its packaging.

Below, there is the video that clearly shows the use of packaging.


  1. Concept Store

Where the product will be sold is not a just a detail. The aspect concerning points of sale becomes a powerful instrument to magnify the message already summarised with Naming, Payoff and Packaging.

For this reason, we had to make a research out of our standards: visualise the European stores to combine different economic choices that determine the final result of a concept store. From the counter, to the floors and from tables to the lightening system, our analyses has assessed what competitors were doing on the market, identifying solutions that can be consistent with Roll Eat, but at the same time capable of differentiating the image. We always start from the packaging to get to the result of the Packaging Positioning™.



In this case, as you have seen, our contribution went beyond a mere work of packaging; here we had to launch a business from zero and dealing with all choices that would have influenced the opinion of the final consumer, and, in the case of a product sold through a network of one brand points of sale, the aspect of the store becomes important as well.

What should we do to help you launching your idea of business on the market? Contact us for a first fact-finding call. We will be pleased to help you achieving your goal.









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