Packaging Take Away and Packaging Delivery. All the secrets

When in the street of New York, London or Tokyo you see a person who is walking with a cup of Starbucks in their hands, you are in front of an example of take away packaging.
In fact what you see is not just a simple paper cup, but a real tool of marketing used in the best way.

Everybody knows the American chain Starbucks, but this mechanism works in the same way also for a local market. It works also in a small city, also when your activity is not a chain and you have got just a store.
Every time you sell food or beverage which will be consumed far away from your store we are in front of a take away packaging or food delivery.

This works with:

  • Pizzerias (traditional or pizza slice)
  • Restaurants (all types)
  • Pastry shops
  • Fast food
  • Ice-cream parlours
  • Piadinerie

The difference is not just in the food you sell, in the typology of store or in the reputation of your brand, but it is certainly in the choices you will do to use the power of packaging in your favour.
You make, also this time, the difference as entrepreneur taking a precise choice.

Only when your takeaway food packaging are designed to communicate your message of marketing you have a packaging which will work at your service also far away from your store, because this is exactly the purpose: amplify your message of marketing away from your store with real testimonial one hundred percent : your customers.

There are some advantages, but is it really worth it?
The answer is yes! I am going to explain it with 3 different reasons which make mandatory* the choice of investing on a dedicated packaging for your take away’s products.

* Mandatory unless you want your competitor starting literally to steal your customers leaving you just with the memory of your store full of customers…

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3 reasons to invest right now on take away packaging

1. Competition

Statistically as in large as in small cities street food and takeaway food are activities which have had an increase in the last years, this for the marginality and also because they entered much more in our generational culture.
The competition raised the bar and the capacity of distinguishing is today more important than ever to survive. It means that if before in a radius of a kilometer you were the only ice-cream parlour it is likely that today there are new activities.
Maybe not exactly another ice-cream parlour but a yogurt shop (as it is fashionable in nowadays in many cities) or a store that sells smoothies and milkshakes or a fast food which also sells ice-creams or desserts.
How to remain the first choice in the mind of the customer? Always communicating it in a clear way thanks to your takeaway packaging.

2. The obligation to make your brand

Brand and product. A fight which put in crisis many entrepreneurs. The truth is in the middle, so it is right to dedicate time and dedication to the product, but making a recognizable brand is your obligation. Starbucks made it with its cup, but you can (you must) do it too.
In every city there are some companies which made a real brand by associating their name to a specific product.
Using a dedicated packaging will definitely help you to beat the competitors.

re there are a couple of examples: if in Milan I say “pizza slice” the first name that the inhabitants of Milan think is Spontini, if I say “panzerotto” the first one is Luini.
These are two cases of immediately recognized brand. Less historical but equally known is the case of a real service of food delivery which have worked very well on packaging.
Would you have ever said that you could make a business around a service which delivers sandwiches?
Have a look at the care of packaging they used, it is surely among the ingredients that brought them to have success from Milan to Shanghai.
There are no limits, because the possibilities are endless and using them before others in a smart way is your obligation, in this the packaging can enormously help you.


3. Using any communication channel

The communication is at the base of success of any kind of activity. Communicating means increasing the possibilities of selling. This is the reason I am writing this post. In my opinion new media are important channels to reach my customers, for you the streets of your city are the same. Now more than ever you can’t ignore such a good opportunity.

Lastly I add other two factors you should always keep in your mind:
1. You have to do the packaging in any case (take advantage of it)
2. It should be coordinated one hundred percent with the brand image (the synergy makes you earn)

In short, investing on a dedicate takeaway packaging could concretely change the luck of your business. Where to begin from?

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