Packaging Restyling: how to do it in the right way

If you look at the market – I mean physically to the lanes of the large retailers – you will notice how some brands have been on the market for decades, just like those old rock stars who still deserve a place in the ranking because they could keep up with the times.

The positive note from which to learn is that these brands over the time have been able to renew themselves staying the same.

Countersense? Not exactly, and I would like to explain how you could do the same.


Renewing the packaging without losing its own distinctive features

The choices of restyling used by big brands allowed their products to stay in the first position in the mind of the customers gradually changing some characteristics which, with the time, required an update.

These are companies which understood that it was more intelligent investing on the restyling of the packaging instead of launching a new product.

Starting from zero, indeed, the hardest challenge would not have been the one on the shelves, but the one to stay in the mind of the consumer.

It is difficult to get used to consumer to the idea that their product will not exist anymore and it was replaced by a new one. It is not automatic that the consumer gives you their preference (they are not going to buy).

For this reason in many cases it is objectively deeper investing in a focused and clever restyling, but you have to do things in a proper way.

In another article I have already spoken about this topic underlining 3 good reasons which made of the restyling a brilliant choice of business:

1)The required investment is much lower than the one of launching a new product. In this way the cost and the time to dedicate to the phase of research and development are reset since the product already exists.

2)The unknown determined by the consumer satisfaction is almost reset. You are making, indeed, the restyling of a packaging that is currently on the market and it is selling, your

3)Expecting a few historical cases, any product needs to get a new look to answer better to the consumer’s needs, to the change of the market and also to replace better to the   competition’s movements. Defending its position is a must for any product.


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The real trick of the restyling

Restyling doesn’t mean “new”, the real trick of this operation is the one of revisiting the aesthetic part – taking for granted that the communicative part already exists and works – in a contemporary way for the current market so that the historical and habitual consumer is not able to perceive the news.

We know that the marketing is just a battle of perceptions, for this reason you have to pay attention to these 5 guidelines:

  • Structural
  • Format
  • Colors
  • Visual
  • Font


Who is able to use immediately with profit these advice?

Who is able to use immediately with profit these advice?

Any company which has had one or more products on the market for years with stable or falling sales. In these cases the possibilities to increase the sales can’t be delegated to an higher advertising budget, but to simple and accurate choices of restyling on the packaging.

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