Packaging Bio and the importance of the environment

Italian companies have finally understood that customers, always considered as simple “voyeurs”, in reality today they can influence significantly the decisions and the actions of companies in terms of market approach.

It is an epochal trend, in which today we can define the market a kind of open stage on which it is discussed about the quality of a product but especially about environmental sustainability.

The sustainability is a concept which involves the whole cycle of life of a product or of a packaging.

A very efficient program of sustainability concerns the proactive way to every phase of that cycle of life, from the choice of raw material to the production, from transport to consumption and to all that path which concerns the recycling and the waste management.

As partner of research of several companies, we recognize that the producers are already doing great efforts to develop packaging with sustainable materials or biodegradable.

We wondered what the customers expect from a packaging.

Our research shows that the customers require practicality, functionality, value for money and a kind of emotional reassurance. Furthermore, these factors are also the key motivations behind their choices.

Not only, customers are becoming more and more aware about environmental problems and they are more and more informed about sustainability theme, to the point that their attitude seems, at the moment, influenced by “eco” certifications.

Nowadays the ones who buy don’t accept passively what it is proposed to them from any advertising campaign, but they have a much better evaluation ability, especially thanks to the myriad of information which are possible to find on the net.


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Obtaining the right balance

Doing business in the future years will arrive mean adapting our own business to those which will be the models that will develop the future.

An enlightened entrepreneur as Alberto Bertone, CEO of “Sant’Anna” water, has perfectly understood from ethical point of view, how to balance the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and consumer.

The giant of mineral water sector started recently to replace its plastic container with “Bio Bottle” of plant origin, ecological and 100% biodegradable.

Awaring of the big responsibility to future generations, Sant’Anna water started to realize a packaging that, in addition of being innovative and which would preserve the organoleptic properties of water, respected the environment.


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The “Bio bottle”, instead of using petroleum and other fossil fuels for the production of plastic, is obtained from the fermentation of vegetables sugar of corn.

The result is that just after 80 days the bottle decomposes completely, because is attached from bacteria present in the waste.

We know that it took several tests before adapting the productive process to the new raw material, and so of realizing the packaging, but the company mission has been more important than several difficulties. The desire to change the world and the commitment taken towards the environment have been stronger than any barrier encountered.

This is what all of the competitors on the market should aspire.

I am not saying that the profit is not important for a company, but the future of our children is much more important!



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