Italians do it better. What? The Packaging Food.

There are common places that even if widespread are going to die. This is because the globalization beyond having decreased the distance, it chanced also the approach of customers towards to services and goods and the approach of companies about researching and development of a product.

For this reason today “some products” are realized without any qualitative deficiency in some part of the world (China, India, Vietnam etc.). Countries that until a few years ago you wouldn’t have associated to that kind of product.

Do you want to know the truth? In many cases they do it very well and it happens when the production of that product could be broken down in a clear and replicable process, a sample, a “master or mockup” and the game of the industrial process is done…

Frequently it is, machining, assembly and logistics.

This doesn’t like to many nostalgic souls, but it is a matter of fact and we can’t help, if the product can be realized somewhere else to optimize the costs in the economy of scale, this will happen often and willing.
But the best part of many nostalgic souls is that in these countries without any specific knowledge of creating of the product at the source, that is making the projects, they are not able and they will not able to be independent.
Therefore the territory owns the magic ingredient.

I am talking about it because there are some products which were born from a mix of objective elements (which would be replicable) and skills that are not easily transferable because they embody experience, history and tradition.

They make it in such a very deep way to avoid from any kind of codification. It happens in fashion and automotive field, it happens also in packaging, especially in food packaging. For this reason Italy has got a secret ingredient that is impossible to export. I am not saying that because I am a proud Italian, but as a marketing man who has travelled around the world comparing food companies and agencies and experiencing every time the same shortages about packaging food.


For packaging food Italy has got something extra.

Explaining it is not so difficult because analyzing the situation nearer, everything becomes clear.

Italy is recognized as food homeland, praising a variety of typical products and a rich cuisine that has generated a satellite activities of profitable companies in this field.


barillaStarting from traditions, food industry has got some brands which are recognized in the whole world.
That is reason because everywhere you are in the world, saying Barilla, Segafredo, San Pellegrino, Parmesan or Parma ham leaves no doubt in our listener.

Next to these excellent products of huge success, there are others less popular in the world which are in competition in the same categories (pasta, coffee, mineral water, cheese and ham) and they have literally increased the competition to very high level in Italy.

Where the competition rises, also the ability of marketing increase which are necessary to stay in competition and food market in Italy is without any doubt in this condition.

This has influenced also the most important aspect of product selling, essential in marketing field, the visual aspect: the packaging.



At this level you could do it just in Italy

For this reason who develops food packaging in Italy, taking it from knowledge and experiences which are not replicable in no way.

If I have to say it all, we have got the luck to have the double specialization in an involuntary way:

  1. Packaging Agency
  2. Packaging Food


I am thinking about my guys who in Packaging in Italy working every day on packaging of new products, seeing in them a constant depth knowledge of market food which starts from their childhood.

For example, if you ask an Italian kid how many formats of pasta he knows, it is very likely that they are able to list with ease at least about ten formats of dry pasta, that because the variety and the characteristic of food are the elements of widespread culture for those who follow the knowledge of brands and packages. They are familiar elements in the life of each of us who was born in Italy.

So the training of every designer in agency who works on packaging is not limited to technical skills (computer design) or artistic knowledge, but it taps into a knowledge that just in Italy is possible to mature.

I have talked about pasta, but think how this familiarity of products and packaging could be extended to every category of alimentary product.



Do you want a packaging developed with competence? →



The encyclopedia of packaging in mind of each one of us.

Practically each one of us arrives to the childhood with a small encyclopedia of packaging in mind and with a real knowledge of products.


Do you know what produce this mix when you combine it with competence of design and graphic development of packaging?


It produces that formula which is not replicable somewhere else as I told you before.

There are not too many solutions, I have seen it about ten times, very good foreign graphics who finished to realize technically flawless jobs, but with a DNA which didn’t reflect the identity of food.

We can’t joke with food, because it is not a common product, but one of the most difficult product to propose.

The role of packaging doesn’t have to be just desirable, but healthy (nowadays customers think about their health), safe and tied to a tradition, it must be appetizing.

It has to tell a credible and coherent story.

Or better, packaging couldn’t do it all those things, but if it wants to beat the competitions, it has to do all of them and in a very good way.

The capacity of synthesize these concepts is reserved to whom has breathed since the childhood some sensations just because to replicate with the same sensibility just what we personally lived can give us the necessary support.

Now you could understand the reason for which worldwide companies, in food sector commission us the study and the developing of their products.


To understand how we could help your company to increase the sales thanks to packaging food realized in Italy contact us directly for a first free consultation.


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