From Packaging Positioning® to Brand Image

Do you know what happens while you are talking and you mention a brand?

An image will appear in the mind of the person who is listening to you.

Images, not words. I mean exactly the colors and the shapes because this is the mental association which happens in each of us.

Now the real question is: which image appears when your customers hear your company name?

Working on own brand image means influencing in a scientific way the answer to this question to ensure that what the customers will see has got a specific appearance.

Conversely, not working on your own brand image means giving to the customer grey images.

Faded monochrome photos, difficult to understand and impossible to remember.

This means being one of the many brands which don’t give a real reason to be remembered.

Determining in a scientific way the image that our customers will link to our brand is possible and it exists an advantage for all the companies which make physical products.

In fact, compared to a service, a physical product speaks also when nobody requires. It speaks through its shape, its structure and its graphic.

It speaks through its packaging and this is the reason for which the Packaging Positioning® affects the brand image.

It is exactly like that! Some years ago, companies started from brand image to arrive to the developing of the packaging.

Basically, the packaging was an accessory. In Packaging in Italy we overturned that concept.

Today with the Packaging Positioning® companies look for us to start from packaging to arrive at a coordinate image of the whole company.

In fact, working on the package that customers will see in lane means working in their mind making a very easy association to understand.

For this reason, we could say that the Packaging Positioning® is able to bring tangible benefits on the whole brand image.


How does the Packaging Positioning® work?

Quickly review: the aesthetic parameters of a Packaging Positioning® are studied to reinforce the differentiating elements and make memorable the image of the product.

This concept causes unimaginable results, bringing huge advantages if applied also to other areas of company communication, because it is clear that whatever the company represents at visual level takes advantage from these choices.

Probably, in this moment you are thinking:

“We are already fine with the brand image. We have just renewed the logo”.

The problem is that the image which appears in the customer’s mind can’t be decided overnight, because the code to enter to visual memory is not so easy to hack.

I have understood a couple of things about this topic. I have understood these things doing a hard job at the agency, I have understood them after realizing one hundred restyling and developed dozens and dozens of logos for brand images.

Therefore, putting hands into memory vision of the customer who walks among lanes is our job, and we know it very well since in Packaging in Italy we just do that.

Giving the false hope that commissioning a new logo could automatically modify the brand image of your company is very dangerous, as well as is dangerous thinking to start from the brand image and then adapt the packaging.


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Today packaging leads.

In Packaging in Italy with the Packaging Positioning® we overturned this concept in the marketing world. Many people have understood that and the market showed that we were right with numbers and sales.

Companies ask us to develop, first of all, the Packaging Positioning® and later the brand image of the company….and what happens? Sales and revenue fly.

The first thing that the customer sees about you is your packaging. Approaching it without communication or with a bad communication would mean not to leave its mark and to start with the wrong foot.

Now that you have understood what your packaging can or can’t do.

What you communicate on the packaging is transferred to the customer’s mind.

Therefore, it is right that the construction of a brand takes place in the mind of the customer and it is also true that its image can be defined working before on the package of the product.


Case History “Il Pagnotto”: From Packaging Positioning® to Brand Image


Pagnotto_brand image




The Packaging Positioning® is the only scientific method which is able to transform a simple packaging to a marketing tool, making indelible images which are not limited to represent your products, but they become synonymous of your brand reminding to your customers the characteristics which make your offer different from the other ones. And it is exactly what a product needs to generate sales.

For your Packaging chose the Packaging Positioning®, chose to make indelible images which become synonymous of your brand!


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